" Why We Hate You " Featuring Andre "Jago" Lambert Show Feedback Thread

Hey folks we launched a new show directed towards fighting gamers last week. The general reaction has been positive, I just wanted to create a thread to see what you folks were looking for in a show. Any feedback is appreciated. Andre and the team take the community seriously. Please check out the first two episodes, we are improving with each one. Remember it airs every Monday.

East Coast can finally get the shine it deserves.

The show is composed of two parts - the main portion “Why we Hate You” which deals with any topics Andre wants to talk about. He also offer tips for problem characters =), skits and even takes on feedback from the community.

Every other week is “Why We Hate you Levelin’ Up” This is where Andre will run a set with a player and then break it down for you at the end with both match technology and psychology.

Please reply with any match ups you’d like to see even if it doesn’t include Andre.

Also if you have any questions youd like to see answered on the show don’t hesitate to ask here.

You can find the show at

Please remember: Obvious trolls are obvious. You might learn a thing or two from the show.

Episode Guide:
Ep 1 "Up To Berserker Speed"
Ep 2 "Why So Homeless"
Ep 3 ? Airs 9/26

Keep up the interesting stuff fingercramp crew. I would like to see Jago go against maybe Yipes, Chris Hu, Arturo, Dieminion of course Sanford Kelly this list could get long…

No links?

First Episode Part 1 and 2

Second Episode

Switches per Week: one week Game News next week Running Sets with Analysis

That’s great to hear psssst you will be a happy camper in the next few weeks. =)

Good shit HAK

Great show! :smiley:

This is good shit yo.

Thanks for the support folks!

Get in touch, when you have a chance. Good luck at t12 btw.

Great show hak, Jago def has the personality and the production on the show is top notch. keep the hype going…

Jago is gdlk. Moar plz.

new episode had some nice phoenix tech but will she still be a problem in UMVC3, any hints on the guest coming for next weeks episode

No hints just yet but soon. Also Episode 3 check it out. Jago vs Viscant do you folks want to see this happen?

Viscant vs Jago first to 10 $500 someone is going to hold that shit

Thanks for the Dormammu tip! I liked the strategy sections.

would like to watch that.


exactly what the scene needs right now. jago is still a scrub though :slight_smile:

Viscant vs. Jago would be pretty hype! Make it happen! o/

While I think the show has some good ideas, I honestly find it boring to listen to you.

Also, I find it a bit incongruent to have a show called “Why we hate you” playing in front of a purple background on the Youtube Channel. Maybe Prince could pull it off, but I don’t see it happening.

Lol I love Prince OOOOOOOOOOOhuuuuuuuuu

New episode tonight its part of the leveling up sering so ppl tune in you might learn something!!

Ill givve you a hint

Ep.4 ’ Revenge of the Nerd"


There is also an update with the Viscant & Jago Situation

Hopefully we can get some front page love!