Why were charge characters invented? and are there any advantages?


just a question I was wondering about. Why did someone decide to have a charge motion say chun li’s fireball when they could’ve just stuck with the original fireball motion? and are there any advantages to that motion. One could say charge buffering and partitioning but you wouldn’t HAVE to partiion or buffer if it was just a fireball. Case and point, it’s alot easier to run and head butt with Gill than Urien.


I think charge characters are meant to have specials that are very fast and powerful by themselves. So the advantage is that these moves are really good but can’t be done with a normal command. This isn’t always the case anymore though, but it’s a way of balancing otherwise spammable moves.


It’s good the fact that they are invented because it would be very awkward to have all the character making qcf or qcb or anything like this.


Charge fireballs can be just as spammable, its all down to charge time needed. Imagine charge fireball with half second charge time, you would be able to release next fireball while previous is still on screen.

However as charge time is a variable that is easy to modify, charge moves are basically “variable delay moves”, so that developer can limit how often you can use the move. On other side, those moves mostly have minimal startup time once you complete the command.


Variation, simply put.


defensive turtling!
research guile!



I thoght about this too and I figured it was to be an alternative to circular motions.


because it will be absolute bs if balrog can move forward and you jump then he just headbutt you -> ultra on the fly


guile’s sonic boom has very little recovery afterwards. It would be quite broken if he could throw booms like ryu could fireballs. Most charge characters have different properties in their special moves and motion characters


It’s variety in character design. If a charge character walks forward, they aren’t charging, so you can know they can’t use their charge moves. This is usually offset by giving those moves properties analogous moves that aren’t charged don’t have.

Eg. Remy in 3s is allowed to have multiple projectiles on screen at once, while Ryu can only have 1 fireball on screen at once.


This, and only this.




they’re there for the people who can’t use characters with dp, fb and 360 motions


But SFIV “fixed” that.


Charge characters got made cuz capcom got tired of giving every character qcf motions, so they said fuck this shit, and made charge characters.


look at Urien for example .you don’t want to get spammed by his headbutts and charge tackle all the time . and his light tackle and headbutts are fast .

another perfect example , Alex’s stampede . if alex’s stampede is qcb-k , he would be high tier .

no one has ever buffer and mix up with stampede that good .


Not being a CAPCOM dev in 1990, I can’t tell you why they were invented and put in, but I can tell you why I like that they’re in the game.

Variance and Strategy.

When a charge character is charged, it’s easier to do their moves on reaction (Going from down to up&k is quicker the doing a dp from nuetral), but not only do they have to give up movement options and most special moves* to do so, but it’s more obvious to their oponent what they’re doing, making baiting the particular mistakes you want to punish what that charge move harder, and allowing the oponent to attempt things which might require the charge character to break charge.

In general the downsides outweigh the upsides, and theoretically the charge moves gain other properties to balance this out, giving a character who has different strengths and weaknesses from what they would have if they were just qc characters. This doesn’t always work out, but hey, shit happens.

*Such as any circular motion, or most charge motions, which I believe is why so many charge characters have mash moves, to give them a move they can do while keeping both of their charges.


SVC would like to have a word with you.


Charge characters

So scrubs could block all day long with an excuse of having harder to input attacks and combos.


…ummm no.

the first reply got it right. charge moves were invented as a way to tone down specilas that were deemed too good to just be able to do on the fly.
and as a secondary reason as a way to give people that might have problems with motion specials, alternatives.

that thought process has since gotten muddied however.