Why were console only characters allowed?


I find the fact that they were not at evo very surprising. In the past console only characters have always been banned, and for good reason. As a Justice PLayer in GG I love the idea of allowing them. I welcome any and all challenges. But when trying to get Justice allowed in Tournaments 2 main points kept comming up.

Here they re aas hypothetical questions for discussion:

  1. What if they are good?

The console characters seem to suck now. So People ignore them, let them slide. But what if they somehow get good in the future. What if they become A tier, and possibly S tier. Would you change your mind then? Would you suddenly say that these characters were not tested enough, and now that we see that they should be banned?

Or suppose its only 1 or two players that dominated with them. Would you then say it is the character that makes them so good and NOT the players skill and hard work?

  1. What if an Arcade Player loses?

Say if a great player that only plays arcade, loses to a mediocre console only player in tournament. Say the arcade player loses only because he knows nothing of the matchup. Would you accept the console character player a better SF4 player? And Would you think its acceptable for the Arcade player to Bitch and complain afterward? Also Is it right for this guy to be forced to buy a next gen console and SF4 just to be able to familiarize himself with possible matchups?



EVO is a console tournament.


To expand upon it, it was made known well in advance that the console versions would be used. Anyone going would have known that, and should have prepared.


It wasn’t at an arcade


Not saying Sanford is a bad player but exactly that HAPPENED. Dan from Japan lost to Sanford’s Cammy, having no matchup experience vs her. Would it have gone different if he had experience? I dunno.

I woulda liked to see Sanford vs Daigo. Although I suppose 2 sets is long enough to learn how to fight her so it probably wouldn’t have mattered, justin or sanford vs daigo.


Your saying that part of the reason why sanford won was because he went with a console char that dan was not familiar with. But, what makes a good player is someone who knows all of the match ups. Console or arcade. I play at an arcade, but tournaments are on consoles. I know all of the matchups. Dan knew he was going to evo, they sell xbox / ps3 in japan. Shoulda boned up on his match ups.


yeah, i don’t think anyone can beat Daigo 6 games with Cammy in that situation.


i think justice and kliff are pretty broken as far as that topic goes…



yeah i think it’s part of the rasson, i don’t think Sanford would beat Dan with any Arcade characters. But win is win, he played by the rule. it’s all fair.


Somebody’s always gonna be top tier. As long the game remains reasonably competitive I would be fine with the entire console cast making up the A tier.

Yes. The competition starts the minute you put your name on the sign-up sheet. It is the players responsibility to be prepared for a tournament. If that tournament is console only then it is the players responsibility to be prepared for that version. No excuses.

No. The player had months in advance to practice and prepare himself to play on the world level at EVO.

For your other question see above. If you think you’re good enough to fight for the world title in a game millions of people play then the sacrifice of spending money on a console should be trivial. Also there is the PC version.


I’m willing to bet the majority of people in attendance don’t play exclusively in arcades(most people that play SF4 will never play in an arcade). Any one that plays SF4 or any fighting game owns it on console. It doesn’t make much since to me how players can have absolutely no experience fighting console characters and expect to win a console tournament.


Evo is a console tourney.



If you’re an arcade only player and lose to a console character, isn’t that your own effing fault for not practicing against console characters? Don’t get this logic like people who only play on arcade are at some unfair disadvantage; they could just spend time not at the arcade. Having an arcade nearby is already a huge advantage in terms of being able to practice match-ups, I guess it’s too bad that it isn’t perfect?

I mean, it’s an advantage, but it sure as hell isn’t unfair. It’s a console tournament, everyone knows it’s a console tournament, and Gootecks and probably everybody owns a console version of the game. If you choose to spend your practice time against certain characters, that’s not your opponent’s fault.


this is kinda why i think the next arcade release should include this set of console characters in addition to whoever else they choose to add


This discussion would probably better suited for the EVO forum.


I kinda know where Alex is coming from cause usually even though it’s a console only tournament, evo strives to be as close to arcade as possible. SF4 has been the first game where console characters have been allowed. CvS2 banned the consoles, MvC2 doesn’t allow 3 of the same characters on the same team and 3s banned Gill.

However, SF4 is a completely different beast since the console is so different on how many characters are in the console and arcade. Also the fact that the boss character isn’t cheater mode over powered.

But you know, we have our tournaments in the states and they’re allowed, and that’s OK. Japanese players know what they’re getting into when they come here. It goes the other way to. You won’t see Jibbo going over there for SBO with his Gen.


EVO made the decision years ago to go console. Arcades are dead in America, and it would have been silly to try and hang onto “arcade” standard. It was inevitable.

Aside from a few hotspots, SFIV didn’t even get an arcade release in America, so really you’re asking why wasn’t EVO played to Japanese tournament standard.


couldnt help but lawl at the subtle pwnage of this first response.


Actually That was not pwnage at all. Despite evo being a console tourny, Street fighter 4 was the ONLY game to allow console only characters. There No Kliff or Justice in GG. No Bonus Characters in SC4, and of course no Gill in SF3. So to say its a console only tourny = console chars OK, is simply not true.

Sure you could argue that if the console only characters are strong enough. then it would be ok to Ban them. But when you add that stipulation you deal with opinions, and ppls opinions differ.

In the past they would not deal with that opnion mess by just not allowing the console characters. But if you are going to allow them bassed on how srong/ weak they are, then comes the discussion…

In GG i think Justice is weaker then Eddie, so i thnk she should be ok. Gill in SF3? Maybe ok if they count it as a loss before Regeneration. And i dont know enough about SC4 to say for sure.

But back to SF4, would you only allow them as long as they are not ever too strong? Or would you really not care if something is found out to make them awesome S tier?


Evo has moved on to being a console tournament. SF4 in america does not have strong roots in the arcades (opposed to MvC2, 3s, ST etc…). To the majority of americans (the location and cliental of the players), the arcade is non-existant to them. So there is no need in america to mold the console version of the game to the arcade. So unless said console only characters break the game there is no point in leaving them out. And thus far none of the console only characters in SF4 are broken. So no harm in leaving them in.

There are a few spots in the USA where they actually have SF4 cabinets and if they want they can hold tournaments there on the arcade. But otherwise the rest of the country is playing on console and also console characters,

SC4 the general community came to terms to ban the bonus characters and evo followed their rule set. Since those are the majority of the players in the USA in a competitive sense, and those will be the players that will be traveling and competing at evo.

What part of this don’t you get?


Cause this is America.