Why white men are more attracted to women with Asian faces: Humans are hardwired to fancy other race

dats so rascist.
all black women are NOT loud, obnoxious, selfish and demanding.

its just all american women that are like that.
american bitches are every man’s kryptonite. not the red kryptonite that makes you strong, but the one that kills you…yunno, the green one.

Ya, sorry I meant American black chicks for sure.

lol is anybody surprised that asian guys are ranking low tier here? Black guys have the dick myth, white people rule the world, asian men just have the 'im good at math and there are 2 billion more of me" shit going for them.

work on your game, yo

edit: also, why aren’t we just matching up asian men with black women (aside from the fact this would end with the destruction of all asian men and black women in a horribly funny war?)

Wait… it wasn’t…?!


lol, the research had nothing to do with dick size and i’m sure in 20yrs time asian men will be ruling the world.

I’ll stick with my pasty hispanic girls with long dark hair and freckles, thanks.

He asked you a legit question.

Might as well have been. I thought yellow fever wasnt gender specific.

Yeah, just based on my experiences I’m going to have to call bullshit.

I think social conditioning plays a part more so than anything else.

How many black women are in Warsaw, Ontario? Like three?

Way to stereotype, dipshit.

Bewaaare, Asian women are actually the greediest and most deceptive of all women (even more so than hoodlum chicks). And for most, their asses are either shaped like Pop Tarts or really droopy looking.

Psychologists and social scientists should never question why we refer to their fields as “soft sciences.”

As a young white male, I think black women are more attractive than asian women (If we’re talking about East Asia) and white women.

I also find this experiment very hard to take seriously.


Tiers aren’t subjective.

(In no particular order)

Top males: black, white, hispanic
Top females: white, Asian, hispanic

Dailymail loses even more credibility.

I also would like to see the 600 photos they used and if there was any bias in them. Like, did they use photos of black track athletes and Starcraft gamers for the Asians? Was Takeshi Kaneshiro (no homo) among the photos of Asian men?


I like white bitches

People enjoy variety, right?

Here’s my outlook:

When it comes to me and black women they, per sample size, have the most scattered distribution. I see lots of uuuugly black girls, and a lot of gatdam she fine ones. They’re just all over the place.

White women however have a much smaller deviation from the mean. There’s obviously hideous white women, but I don’t really run into as many of them as I do black girls. Same thing goes for super hot ones. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a 9+ white girl, but I see black ones on the regular.

Asians are like a combination of both. I see a lot more ugly Asians than white, but not as many as black. The median Asian is below the median white girl, but I find it’s easier to find a super hot Asian than a hot white girl.

I’m right with you. I was like “Why’d they use a photo of a gay couple as the frontispiece for this article?”…and that STILL looks like a femme gay asian dude (who looks like he’s related to Jet Li) instead of a woman.