WHY! Why must you people steal! Rogue!

:mad: Hey clowns. In case no one has informed yall, rogue is mine! Wait 3 years to play some other character. Havent yall heard of Direct TV (DTV) by now? Rogue/Cable/Tron. Well sorry I let you all forget, you’ll be reminded at the up comming ec tourney. As expected, I have those combos you want where she does one combo and kills Sentinel, but its more fun detroying Magneto with it! Only my rogue does long ass comboes that end off in snapback, just to guardbreak/kill the worst assist, and ends off snapping the first character back in, just to gaurdbreak/finish him. Then its time to install the Cable on the last person. !! Any questions -

Whatever u say man, I know your not talking about me because I’ve been playing with her since the game first game out. and even back when xmenvsSf was out so just chill man. r u going to midwest also? if your rogue is the best let’s see u get top 5 at ECC8, I’m pretty sure I will be getting top 5 at midwest.


Don’t mean to sound like a fanboy, but if I wouldn’t wanna be talking shit to Vegita X bout Rogue. That shit is nasty.


Anyway Vegita X is nasty team. Fun as hell to play every now and then.