Why won't japanese players fight me?

When ever I play SF4 I run into occasional japanese player or two. I’m thinkin’ to myself " Alright! This is gonna be a blast"! But then when I connect (if I’m lucky) I immedeatly get kicked out of the room. ME!!! I’m pleasant, dammit!! ahem Anywho, I asked somebody on PSN why this happens. He said there was no point because of the inherent lag, but I’m taking that with a grain of salt. And on my japanese account I just run into American players who had the same idea as me.

You see, Theo, for me fighting a japanese player is like finding a legendary Pokemon. DOES MY NAME HAVE TO BE FREAKING JUSTIN WONG TO FIGHT A JAPANESE PLAYER?!!!

The guy of PSN answered your question, its because of lag. The player sees there is a few bars of connection and that only equals to a bad game to you get kicked. I try not to play w/ less than 3 bars and thus rarely play anyone out of the US due to taht reason.

You think they’ll fix that for Super?

They fixed it for tekken 6 so yeah i think it will deffo be better in ssfIV. Better be anyway cos at the moment it sucks ass.

If I play anyone with less than 4 bars I can’t get any of my moves to come out. Shit even 4 bars is difficult. Lag is deifnitely the reason.

Lag to .jp is insane, especially if you’re not on the west coast. From me, on a commercial-class fiber line, I get anywhere from 150-200ms pings to some japanese IPs. That’s 9-12 frames of lag … not even remotely playable.

Hell, I hate 3-bar fights with my friend in Cali I can’t imagine what it’d be like to have to fight someone overseas.

Fix what, the fact that internet packets cannot travel across the planet instantaneously?

I think that is a little too big for Capcom right now…

I’ve played a handful of players from Japan with GREAT connections. Its mad expensive though, so they are few and far between. Plus they think we garbage :]