Why won't people fight Dan online? (on PS4)

My roommate and I are playing USF4 online and he mains Dan and the moment he selects Dan and it goes to the stage select, the opponent always backs out of the fight. Never seen anything like it- any other character and it’s fine, but seven times now, he selects Dan and they leave the fight immediately.
What is going on? Is there something we don’t know about?

They don’t want to be beaten by the “joke” character, which is weird because Dan is no joke.

Just think that they’re all secretly maining makoto and can’t deal with such horrible 7-3 match up, the same way I cry everytime I see a bison cuz I main Ibuki despite me choosing someone like I dunno Ken or something

Nothing is scarier than facing DAN THE MAN

I HATE losing to someone let’s say twice in a row, then they pick Dan our third match, i just leave at that point. “who does this guy think he is, thinking he’s boss enough to just switch characters, then of all characters just uses Dan cause somewhere in his mind he thinks he can still beat me no problem with him. Yeah i don’t think so.”


i just pick up Dan, he just a fun character to play with. but its so hard to go in with him. still i have a fun time playing him online. my editing skills are garbage lol

What happens when you still lose though

Yeah I was thinking the same… maybe the guy isn’t good enough that he can’t even beat his dan… dude is too confident in himself…

I’ve never experienced anything like that.
Most disconnects or leavers I get online is either from my opponent or myself dropping unwillingly.

Dan just has this stigma about him about how bad he’s been in all of his games (mostly on purpose). People feel like if they lose to your Dan that it erases all they’ve fought for as they are now losing to a character they’re “not supposed to lose to”.

because they dont want to lose to Ryo, a none street fighter character.

Yea same. A few have suspiciously disconnected during matches I was dominating, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. It can happen to anyone.

You think people want to taunt you using DAN but you have to understand, just because he have 1 mt hadoken and slow normals he sucks? He have other strenghts… i saw some people godlike with dan

Not to offend you Mr__CHUCKLES but those you played are some of the noobiest guys i have ever seen…jumping everywhere…no antiair…not a combo…nothing. I can beat those using 1 button XD

Some people just don’t like those plus on block Dan kicks which makes most players think it should be an easy punish. Before you know it, Dan is all in your face like a rap battle and now you have to decide if you want to press a button, tech a grab or just get hit.

Not offended . that was one of first matches I ever had using Dan. Anyone should of been able to beat my Dan at that point. I just play Dan online to have fun

Sure if that’s what you think, bet i’d stomp you, my steam is right there, add anytime you want, US West California, i’ll beat you with any character, even this so called Dan you think i fear.

They can’y handle the saikyo style

saikyo power 2 stronk