Why won't SNK adopt the "OAV" Terry version

Just watched the 2nd and 3rd OAV movies for the umpteenth time. Makes me drool when thinking about super Terry Burn Knuckling Ryu’s double handed Hadouken, after being taught by Oro. Who would win?

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Because the MOTW Terry is better.

I’ve seen videos of Terry in MOTW, looks like they changed him from a martial artist to brawler, didn’t like it one bit.

I’d say Capcom Vs. SNK Terry looked and played the best. He’s perfect for a scrub player like me.

I sorry, what? Did you just call yourself a scrub? You have every right to die now. Get better or grab a shovel.

I’ve always been fan of 2-D fighting but never once back when did I ever consider or known how much custom arcade sticks can change you’re game.

I was too pre-occupied with MMORPG games.

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