Why would players play Hulk over Sentinel?

Hulk is like a random character in the game, his launcher is launch punishable while Sentinels launcher has invincibility and can’t be punished on block due pushblock, Sentinel has a WAY better mobility, he can wavedash while Hulk can only dash using his dash, also Sentinel has projectiles to deal with other zoners, Hulk doesn’t have anything to deal with zoning characters, Sentinel even has a command throw he can get a full combo off while Hulk can’t, so why would players choose Hulk over Sentinel?

for the assist, or DHCs, or gamma crush… and Sentinel’s launcher is punishable :confused: Hulk has a command throw too.

the only reason i play hulk is because of his super. he can pretty much punish u when u jump in with pressing an attack. u can input it right when u see an attack, and it will be not too late. oh, wait… it does a lot of damage too. his super is good to kick dark phoenix’s ass, + when someone use projectiles, u can use projectiles too. when u land a good combo to the opponent u do 90k damage including super. also… his launcher is punishable, but u usually start with high punch… then launcher… if your opponent blocks high punch, dont press launcher, and get punished.

God forbid someone play Hulk over Sent just because they like him more then Sent.

Gamma Crush is completely invincible for over a second and does 403k base damage.

It’s basically a giant middle finger to Phoenix players.


that is all

He has the most damaging level 1 super in the game. Ever see what the Hulk can do with X-Factor as well ?. He has super armor on his s.H which actually hits a number of people, which can then be launched for a lot of easy damage. His gamma charges are not the best attacks, but they help him move around quick and punish jumpers. Like what ghdtmdvy35 said, anyone flying above you or attempts to come in with a jump attack, GAMMA CRUSH !!!, tons of damage. His gamma wave is a decent assist and he also has one of the highest HP in the game. So all in all, he has his own advantages. I personally use Sent. AND the Hulk on the same team with Ammy as well.

It’s because NO ONE BEATS HULK!!!

slayerslice, ill give you a hint. just pick hulk, phoenix, sentinel to solve your problem. if you think your playing against projectile spammers… switch to sentinel until lvl 5 then transform dark phoenix, switch back to hulk and use her assist. then… if hulk, sentinel dies spam projectiles with phoenix. use hulk when u see wesker, dog, dante or some other melee chars, but not against zero. use sentinel to beat zero… pretty much like depending on the opponent using char, u can switch around. man… u have 3 chars… -,.- if your thinking to face all opponents with hulk alone… u cant do that unless your really patient, and good. well… unless you know match ups… u will become to know when u can punish the opponent with hulk counter attacks, and when not. its like… when wesker, dark phoenix teleports right into u… u do super… and kick their asses… unless sentinel jumps at you…if he flies use super cuz he cant block during flying mode -,.-

Yes Hulk does have a command throw, but he doesnt get a combo off it unless throw into the corner while Sentinel can dash and then rocket punch for otg

He can still super you off of the throw, which is guaranteed.

Because hulk takes skill? And hes green?

Hulk can gamma wave/tsunami off his command throw.

Making a public inquiry as to why someone would play one character over another is ridiculous. And the comparison is so random; is it because they’re both big? Who knows.

The simple answer is people pick who they want, it’s none of your concern.

Why would anyone play Ken over Ryu amirite?

Hulk cant pewpew.

Thread should have been locked after this line.

Your a freaking idiot.

You know what hulk is shit he has nothing on sent lol

Anything Hulk does Sentinel can better, why is he so underwhelming?