Why WOULDN'T You Want Me!? Hawkeye Team Building Thread



Alright, so Hawkeye is nearly upon us, so let’s get this thread going.

My team is going to have my man Clint rocking second place, with Chris on point and Nova as anchor. In general, Hawk’s scattershot assist looks to good to pass up to cover Chris’s sole blind spot, and Nova can put his graemetric pulse shield to good use here as well, covering Hawk and Chris in the front while they do their thing.

So how do you guys plan on protecting Hawkeye?


Since I’m planning on running him at anchor I may be playing Hawkeye a bit differently than everyone else. The team I have in mind as of right now is Nova/X23/Hawkeye. The goal is to have Nova kill a character and build enough meter for X23 to kill the rest, with Hawkeye providing a supporting role with his arrow assist (I actually can see me putting all 3 of his assist to use with this team). As a sole anchor I feel that Hawkeye does have the tools to get the job done but will require near-perfect execution at that stage of the match.


You’re also going to have to get your hit-confirms down as anchor. He has a ton of potential to open people up, but you you have to make sure you make the best out of every opportunity you get. I do agree that I can see him as an anchor though.


He can combo off his grabs, but he’ll need meter to be a real threat, Gimlet is a scary super.


I’m claiming Hawkeye (triple arrow)/Chris (gunfire)/Raccoon (log trap)
This team is almost an “evolved” version of my Vanilla team (Task/Chris/Tron), but the idea remains the same. Keep away and chip with arrows/gunfire assist, decide on when you should rush down, cover your mistakes/openings with log trap. One combo with Hawkeye can easily lead into a DHC to Chris where he takes over for more keepaway/chip with triple arrows and waiting for an opening. Best part is I’ll actually feel more confident when it comes down to my anchor…I sucked with Tron comebacks, always dropped combos. : /
I already thought out some fun tricks and I can’t wait to try them out.
Oh and everyone has a level 3 to combo or even DHC into, which is nice!


Hawkeye is going to need a good battery character if you plan on using him on anchor, or even second. Gimlets are too good not to use, so he’s a meter eater for sure.


Does anybody think hawkeye can work as a point char? I had an idea for a team of hawkeye , ryu , and maybe capt, my anchor is still undecided


hawkeye is going to be a good all around character that is a good outlet for meter
in that regard, i am liking the concept of hawkeye second, or even last, since he does have strong assists

i am also wondering how potent his poison arrow assist can be in terms of damage. there might be characters that with hawkeye can deal 900k+ based on a normal combo but with poison in it.

however, most teams with hawkeye will probably run his other two high priority projectile assists to control space.

hawkeye second also allows for a dhc into golden arrow, and hawkeye first allows for golden arrow dhc’d into other supers that should be taken into account (Phantom Dance, Maximum Spider, Ice Storm, Okami Shuffle)


This is very much the feeling I had, which is why I have him after Chris. I might even change my assists to triple arrows if he gets the Gimlet as a THC starter, because for 3 meters you get a damn near instant full screen hit confirm into the rest of the supers in the combo, which is probably Gravemetric blaster and Grenade Launcher.

In short, Gimlet+THC potential+Linking supers together in the corner=Yes, Hawkeye does well fully loaded.


I’m planning to do Zero/Hawkeye/Doom; maybe Zero/Doom/Hawkeye. I want to play with him a bit before I make this decision.

The game plan is being able to adapt. Zero can rush down like crazy play keep away pretty well with Clint’s assists. Sougenmu Hadangeki assist and Doom rocks should help his zoning game when he’s on point. If I’ve got Doom an point and Hawkeye is still alive then his Triple Arrow assist should make zoning with Doom very easy – it kind of seems like an all-purpose assist, which is amazing.

If Zero’s combo enders don’t work with Doom rocks like they do in Vanilla (or just depending on my opponent) I may switch Doom Rocks to Hidden Missiles, which is probably going to be ridiculous with Hawkeye. They have so much hit-stun that any connected volley will convert to a Gimlet. Mmm.


I could see Cap/Hawkeye working well. Cap is a good battery, and looks to be ridiculous in Ultimate. Triple Arrows will help with Cartwheel crossups too.


So far thinking Vergil/Hawkeye/Taskmaster. Or Taskmaster/Hawkeye/Doom… I think Tasky is a good meter builder and spender, and hopefully he is still pretty viable in this game. Maybe Doom on point instead and Task as anchor… the other team would be good to lock down people with assists while Vergil teleports around, then if he gets low, activate his devil trigger, swap in Tasky so he can have a powered up assist, then build meter for him at the end.


Depending on his health, he’ll either be backup or anchor on my Zoning team with Tasky & Deadpool…


So the Norcal vs. Capcom showed off a little of what Hawkeye can do. I was also impressed, as I didn’t feel Chris’s gunfire assist was too effective in MvC3, but now it has slightly improved speed, and it sure looked effective last night. Gimlet also looked like the monster we all thought it was lol.


I wish the upwards arrow assist was used more often, as I think that will be a faster version of doom missiles.


The problem is that they don’t track, so if you are near the corner, they fly off screen.


From what I’ve heard, the hitstun is well worth the price of it not being the perfect corner assist. Probably depends on the team more often than not (For example, my heavy zoning and keepaway based team).


I’ve been considering running a team of either Taskmaster/Hawkeye/Doom or Hawkeye/Task/Doom. If leading with Task I’ll most likely have Horizontal Arrows/Scatter Shot/Plasma Beam. Unless rocks would benefit that team more, I’m not entirely sure.

If I lead with Hawkeye I’ll probably use Parabolic Shot with Taskmaster for that extra angle of coverage. I’m thinking the team could be used as semi-rushdown in a sense (since while Hawkeye isn’t super rushdown heavy, he seems to have a few tools to make him at least decent enough in the event that he has to get up close, such as dat slide). Of course primarily for zoning/keepaway I would guess, but Task and Doom could both be utilized for rushdown if need be, and I imagine Hawkeye could supplement them pretty well. Those are just my thoughts on it at least.


Well, Max mad it seem like they do track to a certain extent, as that they aren’t homing missiles like doom, but they are shot at the opponent. Thing is, the opponents only option to avoid them is to move forward, which is exactly what I want them to do when I have GhostRider out… DASH INTO MY CHAINS!!!

But yea, theory fighter is just theories. We’ll see how it works out in less than a week!


I think Task/Hawkeye/Doom seems like it’ll be a popular, but very solid choice. What do you guys think the best order for this team is? Doom on point and Task anchor? Team Honzo, aka Hawkeye/Task/Doom? I am a little worried that Hawkeye initially seems a bit fragile and hard to maneuver safely. However, when I watched Honzo playing Hawkeye on the steam, I was impressed with the idea of waiting to hear the assist call then immediately punishing with Gimlet, then DHCing into Task for added damage. It might even be worthwhile to Gimlet > (air)xfactor > Gimlet > DHC to insta-punish and probably kill both characters.

The other thing I was thinking about as a punish is using THCs anywhere on screen. This is never used (except by super scrubs playing for the first time online). However, with screen-filling hypers like Storm’s, THC with Hawkeye’s Gimlet to punish projectiles, whiffed moves, assists, etc. seems like it could be an insta full-screen, super-damaging option. Another reason I’m considering Hawkeye on point… it really depends on how important his assists are and if I can find a way to incorporate the poison arrow into combos, or how integral his other assists will be to keep the pressure on. Sigh… decisions decisions. Not 100% sold on Doom yet either. We’ll see as the tier list starts becoming clearer I guess =P