Why XBOX live has less lag than PSN?


Ok i noticed (and probably everyone else here) that on xbox live you can find easier players with three green bars and in general there is less lag.

But why psn isn’t the same?

I have not really technical knowledge about networks but i think that ssfiv uses peer to peer connection so as long as the two players connect with each other it doesn’t matter what interface they running on. no?

I mean it’s not like ssfiv runs on dedicated servers like a pc fps.

Also on psn some times when you invite players on a room they can’t get in on the first try and you need to send several invites. On xbox live i not even once encounter this.

But this is something i can understand since clearly the xbox live interface is better and more stable. But the part i don’t understand is why after the two players connect and start playing there is more lag on psn.

Btw, i am asking all the above out of pure curiosity.


um… no, I get more bars on PS3 like for instance when I’m playing MW2. I honestly think it depends on what game you play + who you’re playing with and where they are. And why would you post it here?


I’ll give you an explanation about XBL’s connection and PSN’s connection.

360 sends you to another server while PSN doesn’t unless you get a premium. This way, everyone is connected to a server. No, you are NOT connected to a dedicated server. However, you’re connected to a server that basically allows you to play in a good way or a bad way.

However, SSFIV has a terrible netcode causing PSN to have a bad experience. An example will be my friend Nyle. He’s only 15 minutes away from me and when we play it’s laggy as hell. However, when we play other games. It’s not even lagging at all. We have great games. Reality is, it’s base on the netcode itself and the person’s connection to the server of the game that is transmitted to my console to determine the outcome.

My friend has an XBL. He’s from Cali and my other friend is from NY. When they played, they were lagging as hell. However, when he played me. It wasn’t laggy at all on the PSN. So, it’s base on our connection, the condition of our location, and other stuff (better router, better ISP, etc).


I dont know any details but xbl was always smoother for me. and there are more/better sf4 players on lagbox.


i can make my combos easier in the 360 version, dont get me wrong i play the ps3 version as much as the 360, but yes the 360 version lags less and it seems smoother…


Pointless topic!! I think GOFORBROKE is right and please delete this thread please it has no point!!!


I just played on the 360 and we were having some laggy as games. Lagneto was flying across the screen. Not saying 360 has a terrible console. But, both console will either lag or run smooth depending on your location/condition/whatever.


Many PS games use GameSpy to run their servers. GameSpy is shit.


I’ve been playing xbox live for the past 3 weeks cause I was at my cousins place. A green connection in xbox is THE SAME SHIT AS A YELLOW CONNECTION on ps3. A yellow connection on xbox is damn near impossible to play.

I’m not a fan boy. Seriously. I was so excited to be able to play on xbox cause I thought it would be less laggy or whatever. No, that shit is the same, at least for SSF4

However, I prefer mvc2 on ps3. For some reason there’s always a little stutter right when the match starts up on xbox for marvel. There are a lot more decent players on xbox though. I’ll give them that.


just depends on connection and conditions/location of players. also lots of psn users use wifi and that may cause it to lag more because its wireless g not n like xbox


This is correct. Not to mention, 360 users for years didn’t have wifi standard at all, meaning many old 360’s are more than likely wired, forgoing any kind of network.

No offense to GOFORBROKE, but that post is the biggest pile of bullshit. There isn’t one thing in your post that is even in the slightest correct.


His post was correct. U telling me location and condition doesn’t matter? Not to mention ISP. Pay attention.


Lag has nothing to do with PSN vs. XBL. It has to do with location, ISP, and each individual game’s netcode. HDR is famously buggy online for PSN, but not as much on XBL. Doesn’t have anything to do with XBL > PSN, it has to do with Capcom releasing a patch on the XBL version to fix most of the problems but not doing the same for the PSN version, basically giving the two versions different netcode.

I’ve played lots of games on both systems (I have both) and one doesn’t have any more or less lag than the other. The thing that seperates XBL from PSN is the added features (like better implemented Friends Lists, ex: able to easily join a friend’s game).


You don’t have to accept my words. Overall, it’s my opinion and they are not “facts.” :wink:


Everything in your post regarding servers is factually incorrect. Your “opinions” in the post are just gibberish.


We’re playing in a server sir. None of the game is P2P.


The reason is simple:

Capcom makes their games on Xbox 360’s SDK then they port the game to PS3, that’s the reason why every capcom game looks worst on ps3, netcode sucks and overall ps3 users have an inferior version of the game.

When you make ports, you have to expect for bugs, issues and sometimes dirty code, of course Capcom loves 360 and they don’t care about PS3 users.

Once again, is not the network itself it’s the company, PSN is a nice and solid network, you can play a lot of other games with online feature and you will never notice lag, at least someone is using lagswitch or lag because of distance, too bad street fighter is inferior on our great console.


No you’re not. Every game is P2P.


Well, almost every game. Some of the games (like EA’s Battlefield:Bad Company 2) have dedicated servers. But all the fighting games are all P2P.