Why you absolutely MUST vote for CFE when you register!

Looking at the list of possible “side-event” games that you’re given choices for when you register for EVO, the choice is honestly a no-brainer.

Look at the selections:
Okay, games like KOF 2k2 and SFA3 are solid games, nobody is debating that at all. But let’s face it, if these tournaments take place, you’re basically giving free money to either 1. the very VERY small community that plays KOF seriously or 2. OG SFA3 players and/or Japanese. There will not be a tournament, but a massacre of anyone who stupidly thinks they can hold their own against the few people who play these two games.

MK: Deception? Dead or Alive? Jigga WHAT? Since when are these serious fighting games in any regard, deserving of a tournament? They may have some fun online play, but that’s all they’re good for, and they’ve never been recognized as serious, tournament-caliber games.


Stack all of that up against CFE.

As of my writing this, CFE has just gone LIVE. Meaning every everloving scrub on the planet has a chance to get some real comp in this game. And considering that absolutely NOBODY has been playing this game at all, chances are this tournament will be one of the most interesting at EVO. Maybe you can argue that CFE isn’t as solid as other Capcom 2d fighters, but the fact of the matter is, the game is new and hasn’t been broken yet. And that’s going to make for the best tournament possible.

If you want to see a few predictable players dominating (and you wasting your money), vote for KOF2k2 or SFA3; thats what those few people want you to do!

If you want to see a crappy, glitchy, scrubby mashfest for games that have never been recognized as tournament-worthy, vote for MK or DOA. Hell, you might as well vote for Primal Rage and Timekillers, it’s all the same shit.

BUT if you want to see a legitimate tournament that ANYONE has a chance to actually do well in…because we’re all on the same playing field…vote for CFE.

I rest my case.

Actually, the Japanese have been playing a shitload of CFE all year long because of SBO3.

I’m down with you DSP… but the game does have 100%'s already (well near that at least)… but you’re right in terms of giving it a chance. A ton of you may not like it, but if we’re gonna kill it off let’s at least give it face for one time tournament play.

The new CFE Live forum will start soon.


I wanna play CFE live … the thing is that I dont know anything about lag issues …

I have heard that there are some fighting games like MKD or CVS2 that dont have lag when played online … so I wonder if CFE is going to be the same … anyone knows anything about this ?

Well said, man.

Uh, you guys do realize that, to date, exactly ONE person has signed up to play CFE?

The voting system is in place to give the players control over which games to add, but it also incidentally exposes the “all-talk, no action” reality of a lot of advocates. Talking about how great a game is is fine, but when none of the noisy fans can be bothered to actually enter a no-risk, money-back-guaranteed tournament at EVO, all of the talk starts to sound a little thin.

I’m not calling anyone out here specifically, but with one month left until the end of voting, the chances of ANY of the additional games even coming close look grim (not a big deal, as the core lineup of games is already solid). The only one with any action at all IS actually MK:D. This is embarrassing not only because this is a historically SF-oriented site, but also because it only took 7 MK fans to “kick your asses.”


actually i’m just lazy… i haven’t paid for any of the 7 games i signed up / voted for yet heh


This is a good point, but it’s nothing that any of us didn’t know. Let’s face it, did you guys really expect the majority of players who registered for EVO to 1. register far in advance and 2. actually PAY in advance?

The problem you fail to recognize here is the sad fact that the majority of SF players are kids, i.e. young people without a lot of money and/or stable jobs. Hell, I’d be surprised if 100 of the people coming to EVO even have a credit card in their name that they could use to actually pay ahead of time. Pre-registration is a great idea, but ultimately and historically, it is ignored by the SF community when it comes to tournaments. Just look at TS5 and ECCX, the two most recent majors, where online registration was prominently featured but only about 5-10 people at the actual tournament took advantage of it. The majority of entrants were last-minute arrivals who decided to enter when they got there.

The fact that you were looking to have 100 people pre-register for one of these “side-tournaments” just blows my mind, but then again, you guys are looking through tunnel vision. Sure guys like me, Seth, Wizard, the entire SRK staff, some OG players will all pre-register and pay ahead of time, so we see enforcing pre-registration as a good idea. But the fact of the matter is, that’s not the way it’s going to work out.

What should have been done is to have one official “registration day” where everyone MUST register in person, and also pick the additional game they would like to play besides the majors. Make this Thursday-only. If out-of-towners are not their on Thursday to register, have a friend do it for you, or TOUGH SHIT you are not in the tournament. And that’s that. Long registration lines are ultimately unavoidable, since the majority of SF players CHOOSE to register at the very last minute. If you want to avoid the line, you can register and pay ahead of time online, and if you don’t, it’s your own fucking fault.

It’s sad to see that it looks like there will be no “official” side tournament because SRK staff made a huge blunder in assuming 100 people would pre-register, albeit PAY AHEAD OF TIME, by some date in July. However it won’t be a huge loss, because the Bring Your Own Console room will probably end up housing 100 bootleg on -the-spot tournaments anyway.

Bottom line is, history repeats itself. Both SRK and the players attending EVO need to expect LOOOONG last minute registration lines. And the truth is, if you didn’t pre-pay online and you get stuck in that line, you have NO RIGHT TO BITCH about the wait, because SRK gave you guys the option to avoid that all this year, and so far very few have been taking advantage of it.

Nice that it is considered a “huge blunder”. Given the fact that just about everyone in line yelled at us and told us that if we had a pre-pay next year, they would all do it. Hardly a blunder on our part as we were, once again, only doing what the people asked of us. Why wouldn’t it be safe to assume people would take advantage of this and actually pay early when everyone said they WOULD do it, meaning that 100 pre-paid registrated players wouldn’t be that much of a stretch?

I want to start a new thread: the “Things SRK Is Doing Right For Evo2005” thread and watch no one post in it. 'Cause frankly, I’m starting to think that we can do no right. Everything we do is a huge blunder or a bad idea or a mistake.

I’m suspecting there are a lot of people like Phil McFly, and are just being lazy about paying. The only thing I can ask for is: PLEASE pay if you can. Yes, a lot of people are kids and don’t have control over their own money, fine. But that doesn’t excuse the huge amount of lazy people out there who aren’t paying for their games. Don’t worry about the votable games, if they don’t get in, you’ll get your money back.

As a good example, and to make sure I walk the talk, I’m paying for my games right now. So expect some games to DOUBLE in the number of people paid.

That’s makes me sad just saying that.

  • James

I know alot of People that Play KOF Games I am one of them. It’s a really good game. I voted for KOF because I would like to see it has a Tournament in EVO. We could Vote for anything we want. I do like CFE I Hope it Makes the Cut Along with KOF 2K2 God Willing.

-See Ya

Just for the record, five people posting on SRK saying that if there’s pre-registration that everyone will register ahead of time, does not mean it will happen. Being a skeptic, I have to go by history, and history has shown that paid pre-registration for most fighting game tournaments are rarely taken advantage of, and really have no impact whatsoever on overall time it takes for registration at the last minute.

Hey, don’t take it the wrong way. This isn’t a “bash the EVO staff” thread, and it looks like you think it is. All I’m saying is, assuming 100 people were going to pay for a side-game is just not realistic. Especially considering that you gave 8 or so choices…I really doubt 100 people will pay OVERALL before the tournament, let alone 100 people for one specific side game.

The EVO staff did the right thing by allowing people to pre-pay online to avoid the long registration lines that were the #2 complaint of last year. I for one am going to be taking advantage of it and laughing at the fools who are waiting in a 4 hour line come Thursday.

However, what I’m saying is you took it a step too far by assuming so many people would do the pre-paid, when you really look closely at the community and realize that 95% of the people who play SF are kids with no money. I’m sure if they had money, they’d be tricking out cars and pimping the streets, not playing video games.

It seems like a lot of you guys are taking what people post as personal attacks. That’s not what it’s meant to be. When people post they found cheaper rates for hotel rooms, don’t take it as them saying FUCK EVO STAFF BECAUSE THEY ARE TRYING TO RIP US OFF! And also don’t shit all over the hotels they found that are cheaper. All that makes you look like is spiteful that someone is not willing to pay 139 a night for the convenience of being at the site of the tournament. Hell, I’m planning to go to Vegas for 7 days and even I am really cringing at the fact of paying 850 bucks for the hotel. Why do I say 850? Because again, the majority of SF players are poor kids who can’t afford to split a room and certainly aren’t going to give me 200 bucks to stay for a few days.

Yes, everyone appreciates what the EVO staff is going. Getting us bomb discounts on a resort hotel, and adding pre-paid registration to the mix, are two HUGE assets that cannot be denied, and we all appreciate your effort in getting those for us. But when someone admits there are circumstances where they cannot afford the deals you have arranged, or that having sky-high expectactions for pre-registration is a bit silly, don’t blow your stack and immediately start attacking. Nobody is attacking you, we are simply stating facts that may or may not help both the players and the SRK staff to improve EVO in the future.

Feelings are going to be touchy when something like EVO comes around because so many people put so much time, effort, and expectation into the event. If we can all help to keep a level head, EVO will be better overall in the big picture.

Lotta things to respond to here- some of which I’ll take up in the other thread. That said, I do not feel bashed by this, but I do think it is a really bad idea that you haven’t thought through.

Problems w/registering for an extra tournament the day (or two) before the tournament:

  1. Gives staff very little time to do things like secure extra hardware (think of a3, for instance), software, and budget the time (despite delays, EVO runs on a very tight schedule). You could just say “get all that stuff in advance!” but that’s a huge waste of time and resources considering that most of the games will not make the cut.

  2. Totally screws people that might have come primarily for any of the side games. VF players have a small but dedicated community, but supposing you were one of them, I’d have to say you’d be a little nuts to head out to EVO just hoping that enough people register to actually have the tournament. I’d like to know in advance whether there’s going to be an event for my favorite games before I fly halfway around the world.

  3. A bunch of detail problems here too, like returning the money of the people whose tournament choices didn’t happen, etc.

As far as the pre-registration goes, I agree it’s had a bad history, but I think that’s mostly just because people don’t really care. Even as a kid, if you gave me a few months warning, I could manage to get together $20, right? Assuming you’re planning to go anyway, that’s the kind of money we’re talking about- not the thousands it takes to mod cars.

As for not having a CC- there are lots of options. Direct deposit from a checking account, a bank card, etc. This is really common these days, and even if you don’t have a CC, you’ll almost certainly know someone who does. For anyone that doesn’t have 20$ and access to a CC/bank card/etc., there’s still the regular registration- no hard feelings, just a lot of wasted time.

Not a blunder. We’re trying to help the players help themselves. If they can’t achieve a modest goal, then again- no hard feelings and there will still be lots of great tournaments, but it’s a little insane to blame SRK for any lack of side tournaments.


DSP the one problem I have with you saying that KOF or A3 are bad choices since only the handful of regular players for those games will actually do well. Yet you don’t mention how MvC2 is exactly the same way. Sure it’ll draw 100-300 players, but of those only 2-3 of them actually stand a chance at winning it. So again, don’t list reasons to not vote for games when there are other games that you on an even worse scale that you fail to mention.

For pre-reg, I’ve done that for the past 4 years for an anime convention, and the past 9 years for the wizard world comic book convention. Whether the people in line learn their lesson will be found out next year. Since as you said, probably not too many people will pre-reg this year, so then those same people that don’t pre-reg see 50 people walking past them in the pre-reg line and only wait 25 minutes as opposed to the on site registers waiting 4-6 hours, they’ll consider pre-reg a lot more.

Only problem with this is the risk of too many people doing pre-reg and the benefit of doing pre-reg is lost (other than a cheaper reg cost and not having to pay on site).

For pre-paying ahead of time for the side tournaments, I see nothing wrong with that. Keep in mind, a lot of these people that are FLYING to evo aren’t kids anymore. They were kids back 10-15 years ago when SF2first released. Most of the people going are likely seniors in HS to 30 year old men. Even so, them being kids does not stop the fact that younger kids goto anime cons and pre-reg, not to mention them spending 300 some dollars in the dealers room at the con. If someones serious they can do it.

That said, if they were interested in going, it shouldn’t be a problem to send a money-order or use their parents CC and pay the parents back a week or two afterwards. Heck this is summer, kids are out their mowing peoples lawns for money. There really is no reason if they were intending on going that they can’t get enough money for the side tournament registration (assuming that they realize that if they don’t pay ahead of time for these side games that those side games may not take place).

I think that SRK staff should be given a HUGE pat on the back for what they have accomplished. With out the Cannons taking it on them self and now Seth, Wiz, and the rest continuing it our little community would not be what it is today.

Year after year there have been issues with EVO. Little ones some big ones but for the most part they have been resolved. Hell, every year some ppl bitch about game X not being in. But now we can actually vote for it. Holly shit that is the greatest. Just vote and pony up the $10- $20 for your favorite games. And for the record I didn’t find the registration to bad last year. Sure if you didn’t show up an hour or so early you had to wait 3 hrs in line. But I was the second person in line so I didn’t care.

Lets just take a moment for the staff and what they are doing. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Now my bitch! Why the hell isn’t XvSF in EVO!

:tup: :wow:

Hi James, while i can’t speak for everyone else, i’m sure there are a lot of people who haven’t paid only because evo is still quite some time away. I know i still have to make sure i can go before i can fork over cash online. Still, i do believe the online pre pay system is a good idea and that as we get closer to the evo date, more people will end up paying online. how many people, we can never be sure. As for voting for the new game, i can’t really say much about it as i don’t plan on entering any of them. :tup: But if there are people who care enough about having the game at evo (which i’m sure there are), i wouldn’t be surprised if at least 90% each games total votes started to come in on the last day

Sure, no problem, DSP. Sorry if I’ve overreacted, but let’s face it: the majority of the time, we’re getting bashed over the head by people with stuff. And even if every complaint isn’t meant to be a “shit on Evo” comment, they add up, they build up, and staff really does start to wonder why we bother sometimes. It’s disheartening, especially when people like you, who don’t mean to be bashing on us, refer to something as a “huge blunder”. Sometimes, I just wish people would try to put things more nicely. :slight_smile:

But the thing is, it wasn’t the people on the Forums who said they’d use pre-pay… it was everyone standing in the line for 4 hours. The general concensus I got from them was that they’d love to have pre-pay, so we got it for them. And it still seems like a brilliant idea.

Thanks for starting the other thread, btw… it might make us feel a bit better about what we do.

Yeah, that’s largely what I’m suspecting, which is why I’m asking those that can afford to register now, please do. I’m also worried that the very low pre-paid registration numbers worry people, and makes them tentative to sign up as well thinking “Well, no chance that game will make it. I don’t want to deal with refunds, so I’ll just pay waaaay later.” I’m hoping that by those who can pay to pay now, others will be encouraged to do so as well. If SFA3 players see that there are 81 people paid, they’ll beencouraged to register as well because it is so close.

So I do implore people: if you can py now, don’t procrastinate. Just pay. Please? :slight_smile:

  • James

http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?t=92828 speaking of cfj and playing on live o look a xbl cfj tourney gogogogogogogo and I will be hosting frequent xbl tournies leading up to evo

I’d like to note I am the /one/ person who signed up and payed for CFJ.

I personally think putting the count at 100 for pre-paid registers for votable games is too high. Outside of A3 and SC2, none of the games have had much tourney exposure in the U.S. I would’ve set it at 40-50. Forty particapants could be split up in 8 pools of 5, you take the top person from each pool for an 8 man dbl-el bracket.

But I understand if Evo staff placed it so to make sure they wouldn’t leave out a HUGE demand for a particular game. And their is the clause Evo staff has mentioned a game might make the cut anyway if there’s not 100.

But for now, I’ll register and pre-pay soon and just cross my fingers.