Why You Mad Bro!?

So, I’m getting into fighters. Totally new to them (aside from a bit of Killer Instinct and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 from the good 'ol days) and I figure I’ll play a bit of arcade mode. Easiest is too easy all the way up until medium difficulty. The first 3 guys… No sweat. Then… BOOSH! It’s like the hot water heater had it in for me and I just got burned. Bad.

Ok, not a problem. Maybe some friendly ranked matches to see how I do against other people my level? Not a chance. Everyone on XBL seems to always get that edge. They’re down to maybe a fraction of health bar until… ULTRA COMBO FINISH!!! And that’s game. Soon after, I slam my fightstick to the ground (on some clothes, don’t worry, not going to break it) and just go berserk.

I guess what I’m saying here is, do you guys ever get that “WTF FUCKIN AHHHHHH!!” feeling and what you do to cope with it. I have literally gotten to the point of almost breaking the disc I get so frustrated sometimes. I know I’m still completely new to fighters, but I’ve watched all of Tbird’s videos and I’m trying to implement them into training but how do you get over the whole, “I’m sick of training” > “Maybe I’ll fight a real person, they can’t be as bad as the computer” > “AHHHHHHH FLIPPIN MY SHIT!!!”?

Play people IRL. I don’t know why, but playing with friends or people that can help you learn is far less aggravating than random people online. Not to mention, you don’t have the lag to worry about.

1.) Breathe. It’s a game. Ultimately, all you lose is one match, maybe some PP and some BP, which are both just some arbitrary numbers where nobody even understands the mechanics behind how they’re calculated. This is much harder if you play in tournaments, but I don’t think that’s the case here. Even if it were, still: Breathe.

2.) Think. Understand what caused you to lose. Did you block the wrong way? Did you stop blocking? Did you try to attack but get hit with a counter? Did you jump in too often, eating constant anti-airs? Was your execution not good enough? Did you constantly throw out unsafe moves like HP Shoryuken and Sweep? There are a variety of reasons, you need to identify what it was.

3.) Analyze. After you know what you did wrong, how can you prevent that mistake from happening again? Be more patient? Practice your execution? Do you need to learn the matchup better so you know that character’s gimmicks?

4.) Act. If it’s an execution problem, hit Training Mode. If it’s a matchup-knowledge question, go to your character’s sub-forum or your opponent’s character’s sub-forum here on SRK and ask questions. If it’s a crossup problem, learn how crossups work - if you have that down, learn how to block them.

5.) Rinse. Repeat.

I’m in the same boat, Freakk, playing the CPU won’t help because they read your inputs, playing on xbl won’t help because most people don’t play properly. I’m told constantly that playing real people is a super help, but none of my friends play fighting games. I’m at a loss.

As far as online goes, play Endless rather than ranked, there are far more skilled players there for the most part. Ranked players just constantly rush and use special moves which can be really overwhelming for a new player who doesn’t know how to counter it, and also holds you back from becoming good because it’s difficult to incorporate footsies and zoning into that.

I’m not saying the Ranked players are good, they’re actually fucking terrible, it’s just the playstyle is hard to deal with for beginners because they don’t know what’s punishable, what’s not, and how to bait stuff out and punish accordingly. Once you can do that, ranked is a joke.

Ranked players are a joke? Did you know it matches you up based on skill? 3000+pp players are not terrible, in fact, they are very good. 2000pp players are decent, 1000pp players are meh. I’m guessing your PP is in the 1000 range so thats who you get matched up with the most. If you get your PP’s higher the competition gets really good.

Not always. It’s still rare to find people who know their ass from their elbow on the 9000+ scale.

When you’re angry, the best way to cope is to eat really salty snacks. Load up on foods that are high in sodium.

Community offline>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Online

No, I don’t get mad anymore. I stopped that a while ago. Now, instead of ragequitting, instead of screaming and flipping out, instead of sending hate mail and instead of making excuses for my own mistakes, I just let it be. I try to keep the game as enjoyable as possible, even when I want to throw my television out the window.

Truth be told, after about 5-10 matches, usually I forget what I was even mad about in the first place. When you realize that taking a loss isn’t really that detrimental, it doesn’t affect you as much. Honestly, I beat myself up MORE over winning a match like a complete scrub, one where I didnt deserve to win, as opposed to losing a match I actually played hard in. Just my thoughts tho.

and oh, I agree with both scarling and francys. ranked+3000 is definately better players, but there are some retarded Ryu and Bison players who I have fought who made me wonder how the hell they even got that many points playing as crappy as they did.

I was talking about PP not BP. but no, its not rare to find good 9000bp players. I see your on PSN, maybe the rankings are different then XBL? But BP does seem a little screwy, I have seen high BP players that weren’t that good, but truthfully, that was the rare case, and usually they had low PP anyway. I don’t pay much mind to the BP, just PP score, thats a much better indicator.

I’ve been matched with a LOT of 4000+ PP players, your definition of good must be a lot different from mine. I played a 10000 BP, 7000 PP Dhalsim the other day who barely grasped the concepts of zoning and pretty much every basic Dhalsim technique. I don’t claim to be the best player around, but I’ve seen MAYBE 3-4 people who I would actually consider mildly good at any PP range (and by mildly good I mean can connect a few BnB combos and understands the properties of most of their normals, they still don’t even make an effort to play footsies or zone, they just rush down or turtle), and like I said I’ve played dozens of people above 4000 PP.

I’ve never seen one person in a ranked match who actually grasps the concept of higher level play. They don’t try to bait anything out, ever, they just do combos and hope they connect and never mix anything up, making punishing exceedingly easy.

That’s why I’ve pretty much just stopped playing ranked matches. Both PP and BP mean nothing because you can get to that point by just flowcharting. I can’t tell you how many 5000+ BP/PP flowchart Kens I’ve seen.

There’s gotta be less then 100 people in the world at the 7000pp level. You are SUPER elite. Out of the thousands upon thousands of players your in the top 1% of 1%. 3000pp+ covers about 2,000(or even less havn’t checked recently) people on XBL.

I call bullshit.

There’s well over 50,000 people that play on XBL. The number of people above 3000pp is so small compared to the amount of people playing that calling then bad players is pretty stupid. You think because someone can’t play Street fighter with the best player in the world and stand a good chance of beating him, that they suck terribly?

Where do you get off thinking your so cool that you can insult everyone?

Though, I still think your lieing. I don’t know why you want discredit online rankings so badly, but to say that if your not in the top 1% then your garbage is pretty silly.

And we’ve all played good players who played badly. Thats because they are human. People have off days, are distracted while they play or whatever.

I play people in the 3000pp range fairly often, thats how I know your full of it. they bait things out, they have good footsies, and never leave openings unless I force them too. Its not uncommon to go entire fights where no one lands a punish the entire time. The skill at that level is really good.

But maybe your just the most awesome street fighter player who has ever lived and you just don’t realise it? Either that or your a troll.

oh, and sorry about hijacking the thread. But SnakeAes pretty much covered what needed to be said.

I still haven’t controlled my rage-ness. I’ve broken probably something like 10 controllers, as many mics, 3 street fighter games (hit xbox while playing sf4 once, did it again with ssf4, threw my last ssf4 frisbee-style into a wall, it shattered [the disc not the wall]), and I think I even broke my first xbox by hitting it too much. I used to rage quit ALL the time (my Rog’s win % was around 90 because I’d almost always quit if I was going to lose). Lately, I’ve cooled down, learned to learn from losses, realize it’s just a game…still get angry all the time. I’ve broken a lot of water bottles too, even when their is water inside I whip them across my room…

Uhh…that’s enough

People online are either incredibly skilled or just win by some spammy bs and are assholes. People can’t do this face to face as much because they have their actual name to defend and they can’t hide behind a long distance connection. This is a reason why arcades fail because we all can be inherently lazy and don’t want to lose face in public. It’s preferable just to sit with a digital paper bag on your head and scream insults while you drink and munch on Cheetos. As for dealing with anger, walk away bro. Think about why you lost after you’ve chilled out. Learn from your mistakes. Train to eliminate them. Then test yourself. Have you gotten better? As Ryu says, “Then answer lies… In the heart of battle.” Treat battle like a way to learn about what you are bad at. Speaking of Ryu, Valle is on xbl/psn, his screen-name calipower. Justin Wong makes you pay a couple hundred bucks for lessons but I’m sure Valle would help you for free.

Oh and on anger, how about a real life punching bag? Just buy one and be a real street fighter in your garage, lol! SHORYUKEN! Also breathing control helps. If you slow your breathing and you slow your heart rate, which dampers the flow of hormones like adrenaline, helping you think more clearly. It’s hard to stop and do this at first, but with practice it can get easier. Eventually you can do this whenever you get mad, and you just might get angry less often. This, like I said earlier, lets you think more clearly, and gives gives YOU control over what you are doing. For example people comment on how Daigo looks bored, robotic, and emotionless when he’s playing, but it’s actually a poker face from what I have analyzed, which is good to have in any game really. He controls himself in a fight and focuses on it objectively, just like a good poker player does in a card game. This way he, since he isn’t controlled by his emotions, he makes less predictable moves, and so is harder to read. In short, if you play angry, you get burned in return. If you play smart, as in smarter than the opponent, you will win.

I just double checked the rankings, no one is 9000pp. There two people at 8000pp. There are six at 7000pp+. There are 208 people at 5000pp+. 1228 people at 4000pp+. and a bit over 5000 at 3000pp+.

There are only 48 dhalsims in the entire world that are 10,000BP+. I find it highly unlikely that someone in the top 50 for dhalsim would be a terrible player.

Your full of crap sektr. If your not trolling, or not trying to discredit online rankings to make your self feel better, your one the best in the world and should go win tournaments and become a super star like Daigo or Justin Wong. I somehow doubt your as good as you claim to be though.

^ You may regret this. People are stubborn about their points here on the internet- REALLY, REALLY stubborn. Don’t bait him so he can show it if he’s that way.
If you you absolutely must make a point, spell correctly, and check your grammar. People pick up on that like flies pick up on the smell of detritus. Even if it’s one mistake a troll can sniff it out. It only adds to your problems. I was the least popular guy on srk because I went against the norm during the blue steel era, so I know. I had negative 2k rep- yeah it was that bad. People could pretty much neg you as much as they wanted to, just to make you feel bad. It made it so that you HAD to be extremely popular and/or conforming to be accepted. Also your join date couldn’t be new. Everything written had to be in the exact specific place or you would get mega negged and banned. This site used to be really ban-happy, you broke one rule, it was ban time. Also the popular members were also mods because of popularity. You pissed off a popular premium member and it was lights out on your account for a month. For a reaction they baited out of you.

P.S. My first day on xbl sf4 I played an awesome cammy/bison/ken player who beat me and told me I sucked. But I had only had 4 days of experience with he game by then, tee hee, lol. Of course I was bad at it! THANK YOU FOR THE OBVIOUS ANONYMOUS PLAYER!

First of all, you don’t need to have a 7000+ PP rating to be matched with somebody who does…

Your faith in the online ranking system is pathetic. Do you know the percentage of players at high point ratings that are boosters? It’s an EXTREMELY high percentage. There is a very large portion of people who just sit around and boost their points all day so they can have a high ranking, very, VERY few people get to that high of a ranking legitimately. There’s a reason that so few people have that high of a PP rating and even BP rating, and it’s because extremely few people are dedicated enough to the game to get that high on their own without cheating, let alone who are actually good enough to do it, and 99% of those who are good enough are playing Endless and not Ranked (see: just about every single pro player out there who actually bothers with online).

And the matchmaking system is extremely broken so I’m kind of amazed you are even trying to use that as a point in your argument. I’ve been paired with people at 2500+ for like 4 matches in a row when my PP was in the mid 1000s, it’s all about who’s hosting games at the time, it really has nothing to do with points. I’m sure you’ve noticed how you’ll sometimes end up against the same person 4 matches in a row? Yeah, that’s because not all that many people host. So if there’s only a few high rating players hosting, then you’re going to end up against them over and over.

And let’s not forget the turbo users. Whenever I face somebody who can competently execute combos in ranked matches, I watch the replay just to make sure, and guess what? About 75% of the time they’re using turbo (this is pretty much the most useful function of the Show Inputs option in replays).

Stop fucking valiantly defending your points, it’s just making you look like an idiot.

Is it really that unbelievable that a broken matchmaking system matched me with probably around 50 out of 1228 4000+ PP players over months of playing on a daily basis? Not to mention that that number varies widely from day to day seeing as how easy it is to gain/lose PP.

You’re either the most ignorant fuck I’ve run into in a long time or you’re 12 and refuse to believe that your precious rank is worth nothing. Just look through some threads in the SSF4 section, there have been plenty discussing whether or not BP/PP meant anything, and a HUGE majority of people agree that neither BP OR PP mean shit.

EDIT: The entire point of my posting is to say that Endless is where the real competition is at if you want to get better. I’m not saying there are absolutely no good players in Ranked, I’m sure there are a few, but what I am saying is that the vast majority of the best competition is to be found in Endless, not Ranked, and I’m willing to bet you a shit ton of money that there are very, very few people here who will disagree with that.

I am NOT saying online is worthless, I think it’s great.

scarling you’re hella naive bro

This flame war that has started up that’s completely off my main topic makes for an interesting read… Haha :china: