Why you Stayed/Dropped Adon



The Adon section is very, very quiet. Have all the adons moved on? If so why? Those of you who have stayed with the character why have you chosen to stay with Adon. Just trying to start something. Theres hardly anything going on in this section


Um I stuck with the dude cause I like him as a character. Other than that he is very solid and he can excel in numerous fields


are the other character sections like this? Quiet? Anyways, thanks for your output Jagga.


I think its just that, outside of looking for help on the basic stuff (IAJK, safe jumps, bnbs, etc)
there isnt really to much to talk about for adon
as for why im playing him, I like his play style being able to switch from offense with JKs to defense with Nj roundhouse and standing roundhouse.


i stayed with him many people want to nerf him for 2013 update.


Yeah I hope adon doesnt get hit to hard :frowning:


I think most character forums are pretty quiet these days - at least I know this one and Sagat’s are. But that’s pretty much to be expected after the game has been out for around 4 years now. Most things have been figured out/discovered now and what with people’s attention spans these days, a lot of people have moved on from this game.

I play Adon because I wanted to play another Thai character. Sagat was my first pick, but I decided to move on from him because: 1) He’s harder to play than he looks!; 2) I wanted to play a more offensive character because I am/was pretty defensive in my gameplay.

I stick with him because I’ve invested quite a bit of time into him now and I’m ‘ok’ with him now. I think I know the character quite well and I’m still trying to master the game to be honest. I don’t want to jeopardise my progress by picking up another character.


I picked him up for about 4 months then dropped him. I’m considering picking him up again because I would like the option of having him in tournaments etc. The problem i have with Adon is pressuring people effectively. I found it really hard to safe jump characters with dps (excluding the 3 frame ones) and dealing with people autocorrecting. I also have trouble safe jumping characters like chun-li even when I do land the safe jump I don’t even know which way to block myself once I land lol so I get hit. Anyways if anyone has any advice it’s greatly appreciated.

Adon’s option selects aren’t that good too in comparison to Ryu my main. Whenever I would do a cross up my os sweep wouldn’t reach against some characters and os jk was too slow. It became annoying after a while and made me want to go back to Ryu.


Im still using Adon as a main but since there are some characters Adon can’t beat, I checking out some better secondary characters.


I actually just switched to Adon. I love his play style. I think he’s a tad more predictable than most of the other top tier characters. I’m actually kind of afraid he’s gonna get nerfed…


Dropped Adon cos of annoying AA game. I went Cammy/Rose. All I have to do is cr.HP and it usually wins lol

Still using him for laughs tho.


What ? Annoying AA game ? Actually Adons AA game is pretty solid …

His DP is a auto-correct monster … st.mk, st.hp, close.hp, close.hk are all very solid AA buttons. But switching from Adon to Cammy is … u know … ah … nvm.


I like his style, simple as that. He’s more fun to play than a shoto and it’s rewarding to make some asshole who thinks he’s amazing because he only plays Ken re-access his decision.


The new king of muay thai is still alive and kicking as far as I’m concerned. His nerfs were pretty superficial; you shouldn’t be relying on that stuff to win anyway. Gamerbee said that delayed wakeup hurts his vortex game and he has bad footsies in some matchups. Still, he’s as solid as ever.


I don’t think his nerfs are superficial , the nerf of the damage of the jk in air to air is significant , the cheap damage of the air jk is low and two versions are unsafe against grapplers or super 2 frames at certains ranges.

I didn’t play enought but like GamerBee said the dwu hurts is vortex and the dwu will make some match-up like Honda , Boxer , Dictator … harder.

Overall the character seems to be nerf.


I agree … the AA JK nerf and on top of all the IAJK -2 on block nerf is really big … DWU is bad because his throw game was very deadly now it is more or less a nerf to his b.throw game … RFA makes no real difference … it is nice to have if you play with Ultra 1. The OH nerf is beyond any sense and I honestly don’t know what Capcom thought as they nerfed his OH. His buffs are ok … but honestly not even compareable with things like other chars got … even the other top tiers got better stuff imho … Akuma, Cammy, Yun, even Fei Long got very usefull stuff.

Adon is not bad but I am pretty sure we will see no top player play him as a main in tournaments, the nerfs are to significant at the moment. Maybe we will find some new tech and maybe a couple of hidden buffs … but I have found nothing so far.

I am a bit angry … because it is fair to nerf the JKs but on the other hand it would be only fair to give him some stuff to compensate it.


Adon’s vortex game? Could you clue me in as to what this is exactly? As far as I know, he doesn’t have one, at least not in the orthodox sense.


His cross-up (unblockables) and fuzzy guard game can be call “vortex” but not in the orthodox sense like you say.


Nerfed or not, he is still the most fun character to play for me.


The JK nerfs definitely hurt, but Adon has a kit that suppresses a LOT of the BS you see online. His neutral jump HK is still without equal in terms of punishing bad rekkas/green fists/etc, and while I do get frustrated sometimes by an excellent boxer or gun player, I know that Adon is hardly at a tangible disadvantage in any given matchup. I can’t say that about the rest of the cast. Also, Adon has some of the best taunts in the game.

I’ve managed to retain my win percentage from AE. It also feels rewarding to win more matches through good spacing and footsies, as opposed to just punishing morons that don’t really understand how JK works.