Why you will NEVER see Jedah in any new Darkstalkers game


I do hope all the fans scurrying to sign the petition aren’t expecting Jedah to be in a possible Darkstalkers 4 game. It just ain’t happening. This is why:

He’s made entirely of blood.
He drips blood in his stance.
His attacks all involve blood and mutiliating his own body and his opponent.
He chops you in half as a winpose.
He gouges his eyes out as a winpose.
No Japanese fighter has any blood in it currently, blood was even removed from GG XXX AC. Vega’s claw and Blanka’s bite shed no blood in SF4(they used to in old SF games), KoF 13 any attack that used to have blood in the older KoF games(such as Vice’s drag you across the floor move) has sparks now.

Now how the hell will you have a character like that in a Japanese fighter when Japanese fighters omit all blood and gore now? Unless they change his blood to sweat or hitsparks? I mean I guess they could do that but it would pretty much ruin the character, seeing as how his entire gimmick was the fact he was literally made of blood. Every single attack he did involved blood and gore. Fighting games don’t need that stuff(which is why I always felt Darkstalkers was such a puerile and unevolved series), but seeing as how that pretty much defines what Jedah is, he kinda needs it.

I think Capcom should sell the rights to Jedah to Mortal Kombat, least they could keep him intact. That or simple create a new character that fights the same way but with a different power, maybe a demon that fights with black ooze? Much like how they replaced K9999 with Nameless in KoF but he still fought the same.


There is an M rating for a reason.


I’ll let SRK take it from here.





Try to troll harder.


Make it M rated and problem solved.


testamen and abba still mutilates their bodies, plus testament use blood on many of his attacks


No company in their right mind would make an M rated fighter. This is a fighting game, not Saw.


Are you serious?:wtf::looney:


no jedah, no buy


Don’t feed the trolls.


It’s technically not blood, his whole body is made of an amorphous fluid. But anyway, the original games were T-rated, I don’t see why it would be a problem.


Any new entry to the Vampire series would definately be done in the style of TvC and MvC, so instead of ANIME/Cartoon-ish depictions of blood and violence you’d have semi-realistic splashes of blood and mutilations going on.

Vampire is the sort of game that only worked because it was sprite-based.


I could see them going for something close to TvC but with a cell shaded look, it would probably make all of those transformations in the characters look a lot better and more fluid too, plus they would look more identical to their sprite counterparts.

Things like splashes of blood and other effects could be more easily done this way and still manage a T rating.


Yeah, but I don’t see a way they can have Jedah ripping out his eyes, slicing people in half, exploding his head for GC, or have Demitri draining people’s blood until they turn into a husk etc. in the TvC style without getting an M rating. Thinking back to games like Madworld or the No More Heroes series (which were both cartoonish and cellshaded yet featured highly stylized depictions of blood and gore) they all got an M rating for the sort of things that were in the older Vampire games.

They’d have to either revert back to sprites and go for something like the Blazblue aesthetic with HD sprites (which would be extremely time consuming to create and costly since they already have models for Morrigan, Felicia, and Lei-Lei) or completely change the style of the game to avoid an M rating.


Damn the ESRB. Their standards have gone out of whack for awhile.


Obviously, all the recent bans on hentai fetishes have disallowed goru in any form of GG doujin…


Couldn’t they just make the blood look like some unidentifiable red or black energy? And there are ways he can torture his opponents (and himself) without the need to decapitate them, so they can still keep true to his character.


No cutting people in half means no Bishamon means no buy


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