Why did capcom make Vega’s light punches such a big pain in the ass to chain together? The way this game is balanced it makes me feel like they had one guy working on the balance for Vega and fifty guys working on Ken and Ryu.

I love Vega, I’m good with Vega, I win a lot with Vega. But why is it that one of the fastest characters in the game can’t do his light punch anywhere near and easy and quickly as Ken, Ryu, Gouken, Akuma, Cammy and many other characters?

With Ryu you tap light punch and if you connect with the first hit the next several strikes are unblockable, why can’t Vega have that?

I love Vega but I hate whoever decided he should be the weak end of the stick.


Balance issues.

I know now why characters have specific tools frame data etc. Its a balance issue, get over it.


Vega would be OP if lp was easier to chain?


if vega’s crouching jabs were chain-able, everyone and their grandmother would be able to walk up to footsies range - hit confirm - ex. fba. and we can’t have that happening.


What he said.


Please make it a two or three frame link, Capcom.


you people need to learn about balance. especially learn why a character has certain defects.


I dunno, its obvious his c.jab shouldn’t be chainable, but I still think Vega could use some more buffs without even scratching top tier.

I mean, Rufus’s absolute dominance in close range is balanced by his uselessness at full screen and his difficulty overcoming zoning. However, they gave him a ridiculously stupid good U2 that will punish any escape attempt and any fireball at full screen. And it fucking hurts!

On the other hand, Claw is total ass at close range and this is balanced by being stronger at mid range. He can even be a bitch at full range when you do something stupid like focus or jump unnecessarily. However, they gave him a good U2 that can make people really regret rushing down carelessly.

However, they made the damage on U2 be, in my opinion, a bit low. Also, requiring a downback charge instead of just a backcharge was an intentional move to make Vega still 100% free to well timed crossups.. Hell, they saw it fit to give Bison and Chun, also charge characters, command ultras instead of charge ultras. (Notice how both are top tier). Also, Splendid Claw is a very good ultra and it is at least 50 times better to use in high level play than Bloody(as in bloody terrible) High Claw, but it still could start up a frame or two quicker.

I think the OP doesn’t understand Claw’s character design as deep as a few of us do on this board, but I do think he has stumbled upon something true. Capcom was very careful to not make him overpowered and was very deliberate in holding back on his buffs, while they seemed to not be so reserved in giving Rufus a stupid high damaging ultra that goes with his character design about as well as onions do on chocolate ice cream. (It’s equivalent to giving Dhalsim a lariat ultra that does 500 damage.) Capcom was not so reserved in giving Chun Li and Bison an Ultra that is completely contradictory to their input style. Capcom was not so reserved in giving Guile amazing defense and above average offense without penalizing his health as they did Akuma and Seth. And finally, Honda is just flat out stupid to fight if you don’t have a fireball. Stupid.

I mean, I still like Claw, and I still play him predominantly. I recently started playing more seriously and spending more and more hours in training mode. I retired from online play and started playing with the local scene, which is pretty competitive. However, **I find myself agreeing with those two top Japanese players (Mago and ?) who created a tier list and said that Claw would be good, but he is too weak to rushdown. In fact, I think they hit the nail on the head about as perfectly as they could. **


I guess you’re right about the jab, I don’t know as much as you might about frames and the fine technical details, but I do know that fighting jumpers and rushdown players is incredibly difficult. Vega’s offensive capabilities sucks in my experience, when I can catch a player off guard I can do some decent damage but usually my game ends up being all about poking with his claw and running away. Occasionally I get a good shot off with Vega’s first ultra, which is always nice.

But they could still have improved him at least a bit so that he’s a bit more well rounded or can at least be more effective in defense.


Right, if c.jab was an easy link into itself, with the brief charge time on FBA, hit confirming into an untechable knockdown off of a four frame jab with amazing range, along with the possibility of izuna vortexing near the corner would make Claw Very dangerous. Hell, his getaway game would be top tier as long as he had meter, too.


Yep you lost me already.

I guess if they made Vega too good, too many people would start playing him and then I would have to change characters again.


your train of thought irritates me (sorry). because you wont use a character you like because every one else is using him or that he is to good. That’s like being the hipster who choses to not the be hipster.

any way, Vega easily is a character that is can and should be ridicioulus good. Here is a small run down of what buffs i think they should give him. especially since Capcom dilibertly made him weak to rush down, ambigious cross ups, and gave him really strict really situational AA’s.

If they are going to give him such a weakness, they should make his strenghts as prevalent as his weaknesses.

Izuna drop should be a two frame grab. He is to easy to knock out of this move, and everytime you fail or whiff this move against ceartin characters that = free ultra.

Make RCF faster. RCF should be a great pressure tool, to mix up between your Kara-throws, frame traps, over-heads. It would make characters like Honda to actually have to do something about you being in their face. That is what makes top tier characters good in this game, they actually make you do something that works. Akuma makes you guess, Guile makes you attack him, Rufus/Cammy make you guess, Honda makes you take big ass risks for relativly low risk.

I mean he is good, but not good enough.

edit: dont get me wrong his corner game is great, i mean fucking great, and if you know what to do on knock down you can continue your pressure game. But like i said he needs that extra chip damage to make good players to be real afraid of Vega, because they wont be looking for thorws only.


Well, I’m really good with ryu, who isn’t but I’m not going to use him because 3 out of 5 people I play in ranked matches are using Ken or Ryu. I prefer not to play spam characters.


Spam characters? i didnt know they where characters who looked like spam.


So glad I made an account here.


you get your money’s worth here.


Claw is plenty good, naysayers be damned. Well-rounded? No. I’m happy to pay a price for his strengths and abilities.

Additionally, there is little need for chain-able cr.lp in my opinion. Hit confirming with just cr.lp into cr.mp is still relatively easy and more damaging. Learn link timing, learn some serious defense, and you’ll be the better player for the effort.


Claw is decent, he’s the only character I enjoy and he’s been my favorite since SF2 in arcades. But I have a lot of trouble against shotos and like I said my game always falls back on poking. I’ll try lp to mp, I figured out a couple of good combinations today as well; never the less he should be improved upon.


He could be, should be etc improved upon. His U2 could be changed to command or even back-charge ultra. That’s a start in itself.
RCF could be improved but just making startup a little quicker to keep with the pressure.

But the thing is, if you learn to use him properly and efficiently, you’ll see that his character is actually a lot better now than he was in vanilla and is actually viable to use.


Because he is sexy Lol
vega don’t need it and he is ok the way he is know
key to winning with vega are up your defense, know when to run away a and re-think, force your opponent to make wrong move, be patient etc
technical now i think vega only have about 2 bad match the rest a 50/50