remember when seth killian seth that in early builds of sf4 that vega was the 2nd best character in the game? that version probably had

  1. jabs/shorts that cancel on themselves
  2. lower hitbox on ex-fba(just as it is now)
  3. SHC probably broke armor
  4. probably had his fake wall dive
  5. super probably only burned meter after the grab


i doubt it. If he was 2nd best in the game. think about it, look at Sagat and Akuma.

-Vega probably had a hit box on all of his moves simalar to Super
-Invul frames on ST, and yes because of the angle of that move it would own the shit out of Ryu’s SRK.
-better RCF
-Super was probably like ST
-better slide

If Vega got invul frames on ST, he would be fucking great think about it.


Yup and now he is below average.
Vega can be a threat sure…he has some decent tools… but 20 other characters have better tools, mix up options and ultra’s…its a tough break, just gotta deal with it as a vega fan.

vega used to be “hit and run”, they just balanced him to “get hit, can’t run”. This is because (S)SF4 is made from the ground up to prefer defense and footsies instead of offence.

The reason vega suffers in this game is because his defence is not so good… the ultimate no-no in (S)SF4
The only reasonably good offense characters in the street of C.Viper are few and far between… the rest of the higher tiers is for their defensive or zoning options.
Defence is the reason Ryu owns Ken, Guile’s huge jump in tier , Honda owning all non projectiles, zangief dropping cause of his defence dropping (with worse lariat and less health), etc,etc… defence defence defence and a little zoning , name of this game.

If Vega had a great defence tool , he would have been great, so they refrained from it.


You actually need to learn how to use him in this build. That’s all, and I’m happy about that.


I agree that Vega could use a bit more buffs. I especially like the idea of his EX.FBA having Armor Break properties.

I love playing Vega and have yet to get an itch to switch to any other character, I will say tho that when I come across a really good Ken for example who lands that sweet 9 hit combo, I sorta go “must be nice” lol But it’s all good. I enjoy the mind games and Claw is great in that regard due to his speed.

And his U2 does need a damage boost. U1 does a lot more, especially if it hits on a counter. Too bad U1 is a 50/50 when you launch forward and it hits. Sucks so much when you hit but then the Ultra just goes under your opponent. I’ve reserved using U1 now for when I play known cross up hunting shoto’s, or Gief. Other then that U2 is the better choice despite the decrease in damage output.


if EX.FBA had armor break properties, that would make all his specials have armor breaking properties. apparently vega is fine is SSFIV for the moment.

It is not the same having tier list putting

vega at 170/192 with a varied character use
vega at 102/148 when everybody and their grand mother plays one of the top 3 guys

even playing vanilla i have seen number of ryus sagats akumas going down drastically, they used to be 8 match out of ten, they are now merely accounting for half, oddly enough everybody seems to play guile and chun-li now I guess people train on their PC with their new console main.


Yeah I do think he got that extra “ooomph” he needed in Super. I still play a lot of Ryu’s and Ken’s, but I will say that I hardly ever come across Sagat’s anymore. It’s actually one of my favorite match ups.


I agree with you, I love Vega and he’s the only character I have fun playing, I wouldn’t consider switching. But knowing and seeing all the great combination hits that Shoto players get off really easily just makes my jaw drop in jealousy.


i agree with Sasaki, but any buffs i want is because im a selfish bastard.


Give Vega two claws.


Alright, one buff that I’d love to have for Vega: Better hitbox and active frames on st.HK : /


I wonder why SHC is so damn punishable. You can’t combo into, non-ex is not a breaker, its not high damage, it’s punishable on hit, it’s not really that high priority in the air, it’s not hard to block, it’s focusable (non-ex) some characters can crouch and not even have to block it.

Seriously some help here?


My only use for the non-ex version is when I notice that my opponent keeps jumping and knocking me out of the air when I’m going for Izuna Drop. A light/medium SHC fixes that.
…That’s the only use I’ve found.


hard to use and hard to win with are two different things imo, i think people like to pat themselves on the back for using him.

Vega has very few tricks in his bag that you need to learn and not much specific combo’s either.
all you need to learn to get around his shortcomings, learn to almost never use his specials outside of combo’s because they are all major crap for single use (including flips), learn to counter air attacks from the ground with bad AA normals.

I realize some like this, but myself…I find it a little sad that his good pokes is all that remains of the old Vega… they gave guile some of his mojo back when he was not himself in SF4, why not Vega?


But you have to learn the most important pokes and ranges for other characters, to use your throw game. This is what makes Makoto so damn good and the best Vega he knows the space.

Spacing is so very important. Ive noticed that against people even competent ones, once im in gonna do a shit load of hurt.


i’ve always thought the reason jabs were 1 framers are

  1. if ex fba were easy to hit confirm then yeah that’d be fucked
  2. c. jab has such a long range anyway and if you’re spacing them correctly you’ll get lots of counter hits so it’s easier to link into EX FBA combos that way


Who said anything about hard to use? I said you actually need to be able to use him now. As opposed to ST-Vega. Any idiot can win by mashing slide, cr.MP and walldives on knockdown, as well as push st.HK from any position and spacing to anti air. That alone is incredibly effective in intermediate play. It’s also so braindead easy to get your opponent into the corner.
Try all of that with (S)SFIV Vega and see how much you fail. You need to be able to bait, actually play footsies and space yourself to be able to win ANYTHING. Those are important fundamentals and in my opinion the basics that anyone who plays a poking character should be forced to learn to be allowed to win in the first place.


The jabs aren’t terrible if you plink them.

Bison st.rh hitbox on Vega’s st.rh would be awesome. Being able to press st.rh from any position is nice.


since when can you plink his jabs :X


Shoryuken - back-Linking?.. lol
Since console SFIV.