Anybody here knows why Capcom decided to make Akuma with so little stamina in this game? I mean he would had been great if not weren’t for the fact that he takes so much FREAKING damage!!!

They had to. If his stamina was anywhere near average he would be broken. It’s just a way of balancing out his mobility and damage.

It’s the same reason he has not ex moves. It would make him too good. He’s already fast and has a great mix up game, plus pretty solid combos.

lol, silly silly boy. If akuma had normal health in this game, he would be unstopable.fyi akuma duzent deal as much damage as u think he deals, it just seems that way when u see good akuma players. Its really becouse of all his resets and hard to block attacks that makes him seem so powerfull. I love how they made him in this game. In past capcom games, i felt that there was not a huge difrence between the shoto’s, that if you could play ryu, u could ken or akuma. In this game they totally changed each of them, while stayin balanced (kinda)(ken =P)

yeah he does good damage but his fierces aren’t as uber as ryu’s but akuma can juggle, link, cross up off alot of hgis shiz, plus he has maybe the most offensive options in the game. His sa1 lets him attack from any distance on screen and in the god damn air. Akuma is the man, so what if he takes damage, he deals big damage too, just play smart, play ur game. With akuma u have to seize the momentum and keep it. Use all his tactics don’t just whore out air fireballs or jump in hurricane kicks, cause if ur playing good comp they’ll parry ur jump in shit and own you, Just mix it up. he only has like 23765930376858 options. :slight_smile: Don’t give up on akuma cause he has one weakness, well that and his stun gauge. his stun gauge is the only thing that pisses me off really, health i can deal with, but that stun gauge does get annoying.

hmm. why don’t someone give the thumbs down on characters that has a shit guage AND sucks. (uhhum remy uhhhhmmmm)

It only bothers me if Hugo gets a grab on me.

hahaha I love seeing the damage that chunks off when hugo grabs akuma with a 360… even hugos body slam takes off a nice chunk!! :badboy:

I love seeing akuma rush down hugo like nothing and watch him stand there helpless. Or perhaps hugo trying to chase akuma around the stage as akuma teleports from one side to another.

akuma > hugo x 100.

Dont be silly, son. The only characters that really give Hugo trouble, and not just mine, are Alex, Necro and Duds. Akuma’s just another Shoto to break.

okay akuma doesn’t give hugo any trouble…please tell me ur kidding. U r gutter trash if ya believe that boy. please try to walk up on wakeup and get ready to (weird al comes in) eeeeaaaaaaaatttttttt ittttttt, eaaaaaaaaaaaaat it. :slight_smile: J/k hugo is a solid character, but come on dood akuma owns him.

Well, its ok for you to think so, but akuma is vulnerable after every fireball he does. A jumping in or away air fireball which is parried generally means a free hit. Teleports can generally be anticipated and countered when they finish (unless its a raging set up) and after only one long taunt it only takes 3 360s to finish him.

Akuma relies on freedom to operate, and it really isnt that hard to shut him down.

I don’t think you are giving enough credit to good Akuma players, none of which will spam any of his fireballs. If Akuma sees Hugo commit to almost any normal and Hugo doesn’t have meter for super, then it’s a free escape. Hugo’s dash is incapable of reaching Akuma if he teleports out of the corner, and usually Hugo has already committed to something when Akuma does teleport. How does Hugo “lockdown” Akuma in the corner w/o meter?

Fair point.

I cant speak for other Hugo users, but when i play a corner game against Akuma i never use anything stronger than jabs (k or p depending on range) In the event of a teleport, i find that waiting that exrta second that it takes for Akuma to pass Hugo and then try for an ex or hard clothesline. Both of which stuffs fireball attempts (meaning that the fireball will come out, but not hit Hugo). I think the ex lariat has a shorter range than the hard one, so that, with a little guess work, sorts out the different ports.

Of course, if there’s a demon or dragon waiting, then there’s a problem.

But personally, i rely on akumas fireballs. They’re just so easy to parry and counter off of.

Nope, Hugo almost always loses to any Akuma that plays the matchup properly. Akuma having meter just makes it even more hopeless because then Hugo can’t jump in. Akuma just has to stay away and let Hugo eat random fireballs and shit, and save meter for either low forward -> SA1 against a dash, or SA1 or demon against a jump-in. Hugo vs. Akuma is one of the absolute worst matchups in the game.

its true. Hugo is a great character… there is no doubt about that. Ofcourse there will always be matches where hugo beats akuma… but in the end when it comes to the matchup, akuma OWNS hugo. Play the right way and youre good to go against almost any hugo. Oh and I dont think youre giving enough credit to the airfireballs. A lot of akuma players use the air fireballs and throw setups, or generally any setup. jab, strong or fierce fireball for different purposes. Also, the air fireball isnt used as something to inflict major damage. Its much more of a stuff-you move.

Hmmn. I think im definitely in the miniority here. All these Akuma lovers and all. Still, its a shame that all you guys live all the way accross the atlantic. I’d love to play you and compare practical theories.

again, it really depends on who you play. Match a good hugo player vs a good akuma player and it will be pretty obvious. Perhaps you should ask a neutral, well-informed party?

Ima a Hugo and Akuma player (mainly akuma i must say). Ive played some good hugo’s. and i have found it to big an up hill fight the intire way for hugo. If the akuma knows how to use his fireballs and pokes corectly, the hugo has no choice but to make guess’s on your next move. You can say as much as u want about how much u can own no0bie ass akuma’s that use him only for his air fireball, but a good akuma can easily beat some of the best hugo’s :slight_smile: