Isn’t this category in tapatalk?

Is it just me?

Browsing on the phones browser is real sluggish for me, and replying is such an excruciating experience. :frowning:

I want 3s on tapatalk. Someone please do something.

I’ve been wondering that as well, but then I was able to get some of the threads in Tapatalk if I was quoted, or something like that. Really weird.

I’ve shown the admins exactly why it’s not showing up, they took the Capcom route by saying it’s fixed but it still isn’t fixed. It’s not going to happen, unfortunately.

Why isn’t it showing up? Could it be an easy fix if they wanted to do something?

It’s a matter of how the forums are linked. Most of the fighting game forums are links directly to the forum for the game. The 3S forum as well as a few others simply do not link correctly in Tapatalk because they’re linked as redirect links instead of forum links. Because they’re redirect links, they open the phone web browser instead of continuing forward in Tapatalk. This is a relatively easy fix if they would go into the AdminCP and review the link structure for the forum layout.

The only forum software that I can think of that doesn’t have this capability is PhpBB, and we’re definitely not using that.

bmckay, didn’t you hear them? It’s fixed. DROP IT


This post will probably get deleted and me getting infracted, but I had to.