Why is Alex not top tier. When I play with my friends around my skill level I usually find myself beating the pulp out if thier Top tier characters (except chun)!!! So someone please tell em why Alex is not top tier. Also I wanted to know if anyone can give me some good charge partoining(I think thats how you spell it)set-ups, and is there a way to kara-lp power-bomb!!!

Cuz Ibuki owns him. LOL.

Well see about that!!:wow: LOL!!!

Seriously though…it really just comes down to the fact that he just doesn’t have a whole lot of matchups that he totally owns in. Most matchups are either even or not in his favor at all. He only has strong matchups against lower tiers and Urien. Most other characters either 50/50 with him or put him at a disadvantage (the latter being the case in more of his matchups). All the top tiers, Makoto, Dudley, Yang, Ibuki, Akuma…basically a lot of characters he has to work harder against than they do to win. **It’s one thing to beat your top tier using friends… but it’s a whole different story when you have to fight against a Yun/Chun using J.Wong (which you probably have a skill advantage vs. your friends as well). ** Then you realize how bad those 2 characters can fuck you up when you don’t guess right.

He actually doesn’t do too bad against shotos since he works against their pokes very well but he can only do real damage at close range. A lot of characters (like Chun, Ken, Yang etc.) either can verify damage from a farther range or totally screw his AA game. It’s virtually impossible for Alex to AA a good Yun/Yang, Akuma, Necro etc. They just get free jump ins on his ass and that can be enough to pin Alex down and win matches. His defense is good but he still will take good hits from a character with a stronger offensive game. Which truthfully…a lot of characters in the game have a better offensive than he does. The only characters he really owns are the lower tiers and Urien (he can stomp on Urien all day long).

**For Alex to win at high level play he has to do a lot of outguessing the opponent. ** Since he can’t verify damage from any real range (like max range c.MK to super for Chun) or have an insanely damaging super setup (Urien’s Aegis, Genei Yun etc.) he has to take risks and jump in and hope he guesses right to do damage. Even Dudley can contend with his poking game pretty well and he normally loses the poke game to a lot of other characters.

None of Alex’s supers are terribly good. You pretty much just hold on to them to make the person fear you. You’re better off not using his supers just to make the person fear them as opposed to actually trying to get one off. Hyper Bomb takes like 2 or 3 frames to start up so the opponent can whiff an attack…you activate Hyper Bomb…if they recover before the active frames of the Hypber Bomb they can still jump out. That just sucks. Best to use after a parry or a little before the opponent comes down from a jump. Or better yet…don’t use it so you can make your opponent do stupid shit and set them up for s.MK to EX flash and tick power bomb setups.

Boomerang Raid is a little better cuz it starts basically instantly and has good invince and is the only super where you can waste an EX and still have the option for a super avaialable. It’s also the only super that he can really verify off of his better normal attacks. Making it easier to incorporate into his offensive game. Still has no options for verifying the super off of a low attack unfortunately. Which makes the super a lot less scary.

**Also…Chun rapes Alex. Like the matchup is 7-3 in her favor. ** She basically destroys his poking game (Alex has virtually NO POKES against Chun) and at high level play you will be fighting a lot of Chun’s. When Alex wins tournaments it’s usually cuz a Chun player didn’t make it to the finals. Or he just happened to totally outsmart the Chun player he was fighting against.

Which is the only way he can win against Chun. Get enough knockdowns before she gets a super bar to have a chance. Stomps can mess her up before she gets bar but as soon as she gets a bar…half of your EX moves become useless since she can super them on reaction after block. If she sees you whiff a stomp she can super on reaction and if she beats one of your pokes (which she will) she can super you on reaction. The match is so bad it’s scary.

If you watch top level Alex players like KSK…they’ll win the first round in a fight vs. Chun only for Chun to rape in the last 2 just because she gained one bar and that totally ruins Alex’s gameplan. He can’t really stop Chun from battering up either once she gets one bar. If you rush in and get hit by c.MK or b+HP, you get owned. So once she gets one bar she can just put on the defense and throw random pokes and get herself to two bars. With Alex’s only option being able to luckily make the right guess and kara throw her or get a jump in combo. If he doesn’t guess right…guess what…he gets owned again.

Luckily for Alex…what makes him playable at high level play is that despite his glaring disadvantages he only needs to guess right a few times to mess people up. Plus his mix up game is hella sick with stomps and kara throw/LP power bomb setups. He does tons of stun/damage with just s.MK to EX flash

As for charge partitioning…just learn to charge partition stomps so you can do stuff like s.MP whiffed x 2/3, jump in the air and just as you come down hit u+K to set up for an immediate stomp. Quickly hold down for a split second between each s.MP to charge. You can also do stuff like s.MP whiffed x 2 (charge partitiong holding db), dash forward (while holding db for a split second to charge) and then go for a stomp. You can even do stuff like jump in while holding down, then quickly hit s.MK and then hit u+K to set up for stomp.

As for karaing the LP power bomb…I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s not worth it and power bomb gets you owned if you whiff. LP power bomb has enough range where it’s not necessary. Learning to kara your LP+LK throw is much more important. Allows you to stay right outside of other characters throw range when you throw them and executes quicker. Alex’s neutral throw still does good damage/stun and multiple neutral throws really hurt people with low defense power (Ibuki comes to mind here, LOL). Besides…with power bomb you get pushed away from the opponent after the throw and they can quick recover out of it. Leaving you little time to set up for anything else. With kara throw even if they quick recover you’re still rather close to them to set up for a move (especially in the corner). Which will make them a bit more hesitant to do when you throw s.MK in their face when they get up.

Thanks alot for the 411 I needed it… Now for your Ninja!!!

it seems that alex’s forward -> ex-elbow is much superior .
( as well as hard to do ) .

reason that it brings the opponent to the corner instantly and does stun damage too .

alex’s elbow slash has an invisible frame from wake up throws ( just like akuma’s f.strong ) , bloody A.I did that to me . but pls , care more about opponent’s low poke >_> .

Tiers don’t mean anything when you’re facing your friends. Just cause I beat a random purple Ken online with Sean doesn’t make him good.

Close Forward to EX elbow is useless outside of max range where EX flash might whiff or you’ll get a far s.MK instead. Most people will s.MP to EX elbow since s.MP comes out quicker. The only problem is that it can be ducked under (well…the majority of characters can).

Problem with using close forward to EX elbow is that if you’re too far outside of close s.MK range…you’ll get regular s.MK and that’s not what you want (since it doesn’t combo into anything). Besides…EX elbow doesn’t do quite as much damage and if the opponent is already near the corner you might as well just do EX flash.

man… alex VS dudley is GG.

regardless how hard i got owned by juggles .

Deviljin your post made my eyes hurt, you are gonna pay for damages.

so the in Charge attack , you can do Hold(after 2 sec) then * neutral pause* then Up/Front attack ?

unless if the ibuki player is dumb and too obvious .

That’s why you have such an incredible person as myself using the Shinobi to wreck on Alex. Alex is still my 2nd character to Ibuki though. His mix up game is too fun and I love his stomps and different throws. :tup:

i love stomps , but it does not work on characters that have DPs .

knockdown and opponent , whiff a crouch fierce and then you got 2 choice , which is stomp or throw :smiley: :smiley: !

Stomps work awesome even on people with DP’s. Akuma can’t DP you out of a meaty stomp. Stomp owns it. I’ve seen stomp take out Ken’s EX shoryu before on wake up. Of course if you just randomly throw a stomp it can be DP’d but on wake up…even characters with DP’s can’t do crap if you time them as a meaty.

:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: there’s this thing called parry and block .

parrying vs alex is not allowed. It’s sacred passive rule that is followed by ALL 3s players.

Why even the thought of alex’s 1 hit stomp getting parried gives me chills about what would happen to him.

the thought of alex’s 1 hit stomp not getting parried but blocked already gives me the chill about what happen to him when opponent got 1 metet ready .:wasted: :wasted:

against yun, that would make you cry… :bgrin: