Why do you guys play as Sagat?


lol thread #2446777 about this
cuz he’s extremely powerful and takes very little effort to win, dats why


cause he looks a bit like me


Why not?


Yeah I’ve been wondering about this. Like don’t people feel bad about picking such a ridiculously powerful character?




Sagat is nothing more then a weapon to me.

If you offer me a great long sword that’s built well and has solid reach and can deal out some serious damage compared to a weak little dagger that’s rusting and not well made, what do you think I will choose?

Your character is a tool to attain victory. Nothing more.

Viper goes even with Sagat btw and know you know this so none of your nonsense plz k thnx.


Because I like his playstyle.


Nonsensical post in 3…2…1 and…yup. Sagat is powerful.


I feel bad when I pick Chun-li in 3rd strike. :rofl:

It’s always a funny moment watching Back Fierce hit an opponent’s limb from full screen.


:sleep: <-----this is so cool


They’re all compensating for their small penises.