Whyd capcom ruin her?

god why does she suck so bad. they took away so much of her shit to the point where she seems like shes supposed to be a joke char like dan and roll. they didnt even try to make her good =(

makes me mad cause i played her in every game till this

maybe she can rush but shes so ghetto and does no damage though.

Too bad her expansion assdist knocks them down, or she’d have hella use just for that and itd make up for her sucking

oh well at least my other XvSF hottie Rogue still kicks ass…

Honestly, I wish I knew the answer to that one.
Nearly ALL of her good stand alone combos from MvC1 are gone, the biggest stab in the back being the *C.LK, C.MK, C.FP XX Senretsu Kyaku * combo being left on the cutting room floor.

Now, my only motivation for playing her is hitting pause at just the right moment when she does her :r:+FK animation.
Yes, I know.
I am pretty sad, ain’t I?

Can she do her special attack in the air like in mvsc1 if yes how ?

Pffffft. Nope, No more air super for Chun. Shit was too good man. Did you honestly think, it was still in there? :razz:

Seriously though, they could have atleast let her keep that, and made the super level 3 or something. Sure, she’d still suck, but atleast she’d have THAT. If she still had that, i’d still play her…sometimes…okay maybe almost never.

Ahhh, I miss the old days of launch, sj.lp, sj.lk, sj.mp, sj. stomp, sj.lp, sj.lk XX air super. Slash, her air combo infinite was way too funny <launch,sj.lp, sj.lk, sj.mp, sj.stomp>

Believe me, I miss the old Chun as much as the next guy.

Yeah, the Seven Stars Kick super rocked. I miss it every time I play her. :sad:

The only way I’ve found to play her usefully is to abuse her with Tron. That dies to keep-away, so I have Cable next, since Cable/Chun-AA is pretty damned effective. You’ll win more than you should with that - her instant dash canceled overhead + Tron and her super high normal jump into the not visible Tron allowing cross-up opportunities… she’s pretty awful, but I was trading games tonight with Chun/Cable/Tron against very good competition. Shoulda taped the madness. It’s just standard low tier Tron-whoring, but it works pretty damn well.

it would make the game super ugly tho, think about how that would look with mvc2 graphics lol.

this is like the only game out of 1248235892395823952793652734234 capcom games that she’s bad in, she deserves it.

They did make her pretty weak. She used to be my main charcter. Now I have to use cheese characters just to beat the scrubs that use Megaman (rock man) or Cable. It seems now that even button mashers can pull off a win.
I think that Marvel vs. Street Fighter was the best overall. It was fun and I still play it. Unfortunetly I continue to spend hard earned monye to buy games from Capcom. If they keep on this downward trend I think they will have to switch to Crapcom.

she was at least mid tier in the alpha series.


um 3s and cvs2