Why's he get hit by weird comboes?

Is there something special about Q that makes other characters have comboes that seem impossible (I heard Q can juggled 5 times in the corner by Urien and I saw this vid where Yun kept doing palms in the corner).

He’s big and he falls funny.

Q is heavy, so when he gets knocked in the air by certain moves he doesn’t go as far as most characters.

This is why Ken can double DP him without using the kara technique anywhere on screen. It’s also why Hugo’s fullscreen Ultra Throw, f+FP combo doesn’t work on Q when it works on a whole lot of other people.

But he just looks kind of tall…Urien, Alex and Hugo are big; how come they’re not like that?

Q is just way too good… Capcom decided to handicap him by making him really fat and tall. So he gets hit by every combo, and is easy to combo. That’s why he has to red parry last hit of Chun SAII… He’s just way too strong, he’d be unfair otherwise.

Because he’s a robot, and I guess he weighs a lot more?

he is not a robot hes a real person
(maby same division as chun li)
hes a person who can take pain i forgot the word but
he not a human under tha mask is a cute BURNT FACE AHAHAHAHAH
well put taht aside
Q is just freakishly tall and yes u can pull of wierd and i mean wierd comboes of him
but Q is rather tall and he falls funny

Its balrog in disguise.

Sorry that was lame.