Wich arcade stick to buy?


Anybody knows what is the best option to buy???

I want a stick to play both ps2 and ps3 games, on the ps3!!! (i know i might need a converter)


It’s an okay stick but you get what you pay for. Don’t be surprized when a button goes out in 6 months.

An SE is crappier out the box, but easy to replace buttons and stick. But that route is more expensive.


okay… as im relatively new to this, what is the diference between SE and TE? what do they mean?

also, is it good to buy a ps2 arcade stick and buy a ps2 to ps3 adapter?


Madcatz SE. Cheaper Knockoff parts. Hears stories of buttons dying in a week. With an SE you can replace the joystick with a sanwa JLF and Sanwa OSBF for buttons.

TE already comes with Sanwa parts.

You can buy parts at Lizardlick.com modchipman.com or akihabarashop.jp

Hori no easy swap. Requires modding.


Skim the stickies before asking me questions please.


Thanks!!! the only thing that i coudln’t get clear was, if a ps3 arcade stick will be compatible with playing ps2 games on the ps3… if not, is it ok to buy a ps2 stick and a ps2 to ps3 adapter?


Madcats PS3 sticks are not backwards compatible. If you get a PS2 stick and converter, you will need to get a converter with minimal input lag. I recommend getting an Inpin from Laugh (Ryan). He is a good reputable seller on this site and heard that these are the best converters easily available.




just get a madcatz stick, everyone knows that…


yeah, but not compatible with ps2 games… thats what i want!!


Yes, everyone knows that. Especially the people who’ve sent in their sticks to Madkatz 3 times because their PCB keeps dieing…



HRAP2s are pretty good, just get a good converter.


Okay, so i can assume that i can play ps3 and ps2 games with a ps2 stick?