Wich is the definitive screen for gaming?

I’ve been reading de hdtv’s and videogame lag thread and i have serious doubts that an LCD tv is the option for gaming. But what is it?

A lot of people like me wants a Screen only for gaming, and all the gaming. PS2,emulators and next-gen consoles. If there’s always lag problems with LCD tv’s, what is the solution? A PC TFT monitor? can it display old resolutions and new HD resolutions without lag? or maybe the solution is a CRT HD tv?. When this question is answered, the question is: wich company gives me the best product? I don’t know the answer, but i think that a thread that doesn’t focus on LCD’s only is needed to find it.

and there’s a little more especific question for the experts:
Few days ago i was playing super turbo in a little pc tft monitor with micomsoft XRGB2 and i noticed that the game was more fluid that i never played (i never achieved a better percentage of reversals in my life) and i started to think to buy a 22’’ pc tft monitor for gaming but another guy told me that this monitors will lag because it doesn’t support 640x480 like the little ones. is this true?

PD: If all of you think that this thread is useless or already exists, erase it and please don’t hate me.

I play on a wall mounted 37" Vizio LCD and i have experienced no lag issues. I have tested it using pc games, wii etc… Its great because the TV has component, HDMI and RGB inputs. I also run on a sceptre 20" widescreen LCD in another room and that has no lag issues either.

uhm yeah already exists, you were reading it. you know the hdtv sticky thread that you read? maybe it woulda been a good idea to post in there perhaps? =)

before i close. i will answer. it doesnt matter if its an lcd tv, plasma, or dlp, they all can lag cuz of native resolutions of those hdtv’s do not match the resolution of old consoles. some will not lag, some will lag a little, some will lag alot. you have to do a lot of research to find what you are looking for.

and the xrgb, if your hdtv has a vga port, will resolve this. which is stated in the thread as well