Wichita Falls, TX & Shepperd AFB

Is there anybody in Wichita falls, tx that plays? let me know so we can get together and practice, or maybe have some tournaments.

I live in Wichita Falls. What games do you like to play? I’m pretty good at marvel, sf4, and soul calibur 4 and a small variety of other games.

I actually work at the local tilt in sikes center mall if you want to meet up. Did you just recently move to Wichita Falls?

do you have any friends that play figting games in the area so that we can get some tourneys started? yeai know whee the tiltis. maybe we can organize oner two tourneys. whats your name?

Let’s see, I go by therapist or MaD or Zach which is my real name. Me and the Evers brothers represent the soul calibur and tekken scene.

Then there is the marvel scene at Tilt which has more or less died. A lot of the marvel players can be found playing sf4 online but no one’s hosted gatherings for a long time as far as I know. A guy named Jimmy (we call him Hat) used to host marvel gatherings a long time ago.

Anyway I’m usually off on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays but I don’t know about these next few weeks since I’m going to preparing hard for EVO.

oh hey i remember you. my name is jose, and we played during the sf4 gamestop tourney. you and i got 1st and 2nd. we should get together somewhere and practice for evo or get some tourneys started. let me know what you think.

oh hey dude what’s up!? yeah we should definetly get some games in. did you ever get a stick for the 360/ps3? I’ll pm you my contact info so we can meet up.

holy shit… My grandma lived in Hennrieta (SP) LOL Didnt know people on SRK were from Wichita falls

Wichita Falls has a gamestop?! Last time I was in Wichita Falls was in 2001-2 for a high school football game (I was in Abilene at the time). I remember seeing pastures for miles. lol. W’sup Wichita peeps. =D

Well… a long time ago all we had was a software etc. in the mall. I’m pretty sure it got bought out like most of the other gaming vendors. Now we have 3 gamestops :expressionless:

Also in case no one noticed this in the tournament forum, tournament here in the falls, at the hastings on the corner of southwest parkway and kemp, here’s the link…


wichita falls gamers

i live in wichita falls tx and play sf4 … not very good but i enjoy playing … whens this hasting tourney happening

I’m currently in Sheppard for training and will be leaving on 15 August back to Europe. I visited the mall a few times last week but only played one person in MvC2 (I’m not good anyways at MvC2 but the dude I played wasn’t tough). I brought my 360/stick/SF4 with me too and no luck finding any players yet.
I’m interested in playing anyone, I don’t have a vehicle with me here but the shuttle bus can run me to the mall lol. Let me know if any of you guys want to play!

yo, what do you like to play? I’ve been on the base before but that’s only because someone from the base drove me in, I’ve never gotten on by myself before, if I knew what a civilian has to do to get on base I’d be willing to come up and play some games.

I’m into a lot of different fighting games so I’ll play just about anything.

I mainly focus on SF4, but I used to play third strike before SF4 was released, but I don’t have a copy of it on me. I only have SF4 and (reccently bought) Blazblue for 360 on me. I have all day and this weekend off of course, tomorrow or sunday sounds cool for some games if you’re free.
I can sign you on base, if you want to play here there’s a community center with available TV’s and couches and they sell snacks and stuff. Any other better idea for a place to play let me know, I’ll probably be down. If you got any other people that play nag their ass to come play me too. :party:

the community center sounds good, I’m supposed to play some games with bandit betty today maybe he can get me on base, he’s told me about it before.

Again I leave next saturday, post up if you guys want to meet.

i’m off on wednesday if you can play then.

Ok tomorrow is good, I get out of class around 3:30pm. Will you need help getting on base or can your friend hook you up? Anyways it’s not the community center I was thinking about, the place is called Solid Rock (I think) and it’s right next to the community center and base pool. Let me know what time sounds good and if you need me to walk up to the front gate. I’ll bring my xbox360 SF4 and BB. Bring your controller, stick, or whatever too!

mad man … do you know if that hastings tourney is still on … .or has it passed ??
id like to see some good games

it’s still on as far as I know, should be this saturday.

Samson: I’m gonna need you’re help to get on base. 3:30-4pm sounds good, that gives me time to take care of some things/sleep in. Just to make sure you don’t go out of your way for nothing do you have a number I can call to let you know I’m on my way?

I don’t have a phone on me, but I’ll send you a PM on the hotel front desk and ask them to connect to my room number.