Wichita Fight Club presents MvC3 - Wichita, KS - March 5th, 2011


Lazy Day Games(Wichita, Kansas)
4800 W Maple Suite 115
Wichita, KS 67209


March 5th, 2011


10:00 am pre-registration, 12:00 pm start time

Featured games:
Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter 4, Tekken 6

Additional games if there is a request for them:
Arcana Heart 3, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, King of Fighters, Melty Blood: Actress Again, Super Street Fighter 2: HD Remix

Player fees:
10 dollar venue fee, 5 dollars per game entry. Pot split 70/20/10, with additional prizes to be announced.

General Tournament Rules:

Any player who is found guilty of pausing during a match will be subject to automatic elimination at the judge’s discretion.

Both players must agree on control setups before beginning a match.

In the event of a blind pick request, both players must whisper their selection to a nearby judge.

Players are subject to forfeiture if they do not appear (with valid equipment) to their respective match within a valid time limit.

Players are required to keep the same character, team, or mode they used if they win a game. They may only change upon losing a game.

Upon the event of equipment failure, the player has the option to stop the game in progress to find a replacement. The current round will be forfeited. Any undue advantages may result in forfeiture.

Inevitable Defeat rule is in effect. This is defined as when a player has legally won the round or match (i.e. landed a move that will kill the opponent) but pauses the game before the game awards the round won icon, will still be awarded the win. The most common occurrence of this rule is when Player 1 lands a super on Player 2, but the super animation is a grab and the damage isn?t awarded till the final hit connects, but the opponent has legally lost the round. If there is a dispute over whether the move would have knocked out the other player, a tournament official will unpause the match, see the result of the action, and proceed from there. If the attack does not kill the opponent, then the mid game pause rules are in effect.

Collusion of any kind with competitors is cheating, and subject to disqualification. Additional details are at the judge’s discretion.

There will be no ties in any tournament. Anyone who refuses to play any match will be disqualified and subject to forfeit and titles or prizes.

Game Specific Tournament Rules

Marvel vs Capcom 3

[]All matches will be set to two out of three rounds, best two out of three matches.
]The tournament is double elimination.
[]Time limit will be set to default.
]Stage select is random.
[*]Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals will all be set to three out of five matches.

Super Street Fighter 4

[]All matches will be set to two out of three rounds, best two out of three matches.
]The tournament is double elimination.
[]Time limit will be set to default.
]Stage select is random.
[*]Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals will all be set to three out of five matches.

Tekken 6

[]All matches will be set to three out of five rounds, best two out of three matches.
]The tournament is double elimination.
[]Time limit will be set to default.
]Stage select is random.
[*]Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals will all be set to three out of five matches.

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Good work Sir! I’d like to also add that we’re still working on lowering entry fees and maybe even the venue fee. But until announced plan on playing 10 for venue and 5 for MvC3 entry at the most.

Of course I’ll be there.

If you are entering MVC3 plan on your face getting walked on by M.O.D.O.K.

I’ll b there…by the way what are the systems the games go n 2 b on?

lol im dropping a smash tourney for this

Ps3 dave. make sure to leave that bear of yours in KC!

Also The sponsers are talking about throwing in a few prizes for the tourney winners on top of the cash won.
Lazy day games says they’ll give a free copy of MvC3 to 1rst place. 2nd place may get a cool chair and I’m working on a nice thrid place prive for third place from Prarie dogg comics.

this is all ontop of the regular cash winning that are always given ofcourse.

Hype Hype Hype. My first mainstream fighter tourney. See you all there, prepare to get bodied by Wesker.

Yea I should be there, hopefully.

Up to date information and more can be found on our Twitter website via ICT Fight Club (ictfightclub) on Twitter

I put the word out to some people who might be interested. I hope they show!

I will be there for at least the MvC3 tourny. Glad to see fighting games making a comeback.

Quick question, I saw under the Facebook listing that the tournament will be played on a PS3. I currently do not own a PS3 joystick. Will I be allowed to use another controller other than a joystick? Also will the game be played on the 360 as well? Thanks and look forward to seeing you all there.

Primarily on PS3. There’s controllers available, but I don’t know about Xbox sticks. It’s always a good idea to bring your own equipment to play on.

I have to say I

I have to say I was honestly disappointed in the tournament.

I got to Prairie Dog at about 11:30 to pick up a comic book for the free entry. Soon afterwards I headed a few stores over to Lazy Day Games. I checked in around 11:45. Figured that would give me at least 15 minutes to get things setup and practice a bit.

The overall layout of Lazy Day games was nice. Long lines of systems and screens and it looked very clean and well kept. So 12:00 came and I was ready to get things rolling. Then 12:15 rolled around and still nothing. 12:30, nothing. 12:45, nothing. 1:00, nothing. 1:15, I finally here them announce that the tournament will be starting soon. 1:30, the tournament finally starts. I didn’t actually get my first game in until almost 2:00!

Now I understand things get delayed and stuff gets pushed back, but the fact the tournament didn’t start until 1:30 is ridiculous. If it’s listed the tournament will start at 12, it should start at or near 12. Otherwise what’s the point of having a schedule if people don’t stick to it.

The other big issue was some of the attitude, language, and disruptive actions of other players. There was one player in particular named Kyle who made it his job to be a troll. In fact he proudly stated to everyone, “I love being a troll.” The entire time he was hovering five inches away from players yelling and cussing at them making a scene. He’d call people gay, use every cuss word in the book, say racist comments, and mouth off to everyone there. Just foul unnecessary language. In fact he had a few choice words to say to me after a match I had with another participant. I simply looked at him with the “What is you’re problem” look and moved on. What’s worse is there was a party of kids no older than middle school having a party having to listen to this crap. No one there said anything until an hour or so after he started. Even after he toned down his language, he was still disruptive and, as he himself proclaimed, a troll.

Another player who went by the name “Axiom” was quite a sore winner (besides being extremely cheap). After beating another player, he got up and loudly started putting down the other player with comments like “You think you can do that teleporting crap to me!” and “Don’t mess with me!” And this wasn’t the kind of back and forth joking banter, this was hate filled speech hurled at the other player.

The tournament itself was chaos. Most of the time the organizers had no idea who was playing who. The bracket was oddly arranged and you had no idea when or if you would be up next.

I did meet some good people there as well, a few who let me borrow their stick as I only had my 360 one. I was reminded just how good Dormammu was.

I finally left around 4:15 because I had a gig to be at. I doubt I’ll ever attend another fighting tournament hosted through Wichita Fight Club. I realize this is a new thing, but it was poorly handled and poorly managed. The worst part was the bad attitude of certain players ruining the experience for others.

I’m really sorry to hear that, but just from what I know off the top of my head, I think there was actually only 2 or 3 people maybe in control of the tournament? I’m not too sure who was helping with brackets and such etc etc. I’m nowhere near Kansas right now but by the time the next tournament rolls around I’ll be a big help and make sure that none of the stuff you talked about ever happens again aside from being a sore winner as I would do the same as well to be honest.

That one guy called “Kyle” if I was there I would have immediately told him to stop the first time I would have heard him say anything racist or purposely disrupting the tournament and second time would have been immediate kick from the tournament and banned forever as I’m not one to deal with that type of shit.

Aside from the tournament starting late, I’m not to sure what the entire reason for that was as I was not there but that sounds outright irresponsible as to what happened but I would definitely like to know why.

Please Jedah Doma, bear in mind that WFC is still very new and I’m not too sure how much tournament hosting experience the coordinators have but rest assured, when I get here none of that stuff is going to happen again as I have plenty of experience and very low tolerance for stupid shit like that.

Hey Jedah (Brian?), I was the dude with the dreads. I want to reply to some of your concerns, as I don’t know your background I can only assume some things (first tournament, maybe?). But maybe this will clear a bit up.

First, I too was not pleased with the late start time, I had something scheduled later on the day that I was not able to get done. It should have started earlier, but people were still rolling in so I guess it was extended.

Secondly, I feel the same way about Kyle. I’m usually used to his shenanigans from other tournaments, but this time he was definitely out of line. After he lost he pretty much adapted the “IDGAF” attitude and decided well, he would do exactly that.

Axiom on the other hand, was not in the slightest bit wrong. People talk shit at tournaments, it happens. He is a VERY cool guy, but he’s also VERY passionate about his gaming. How can you be cheap in a game? The point is to win and he was doing exactly that, he studied his match-ups, he adapted to the situation and he won the matches he needed to win. He came down to represent Kansas City and he did his job. Keeping yourself hype is not bad, at all.

As for the brackets, if you needed to know where you were you could ask. They would be glad to check the brackets for you, tell you where you are and give you a rough estimate on when you might play next. There was only ONE incident where a match was reported incorrectly. Other than that, people were notified of their next match, if they were in another match, it was put aside for later.

Give WFC another chance, and I’m sure the results will be better. A few things went bad, but only one of these things is something that cannot be improved upon (attitude of a disruptive player).

EDIT: I didn’t get to talk to you much, but you seemed like a pretty cool guy. Don’t let a few negative turn you off from the scene.

You are right there. The ratio of players to coordinators was quite out of balance. I bet there was at least 35 people there and only 2-3 guys to manage the whole thing. I imagine managing everything at the tournament with that kind of turnout might have added to the difficulty. In fact I didn’t have any issues with the staff at all. They were great to deal with and a friend of a friend Peter let me borrow his PS3 Hori stick since I only had my 360 one.

As far as the whole Kyle thing, with the amount of people playing, there was most likely not a lot of time for them to mess with it right away. They did finally say something to him which I appreciated. That kind of stuff isn’t the worst thing in the world, I just think too much of it can get out of hand.

I apologize if I sound unappreciative. I certainly think it’s great to see another tournament for something other than first person shooters. I think it’s mainly because I had high expectations and was excited. Seeing as how well things were organized on Facebook and the great venue, my expectations may have been a bit unreasonable. That and I just typed out my frustrations while the tournament was still fresh on my mind.

I wasn’t sure how new WFC was, but knowing it’s still just getting started, I may have been a bit too harsh. I will be back to try it out again. Like I said, there were some great people there and I learned some new techniques. No tournament is perfect and I hope to see the Wichita fighting scene flourish. Thanks for the response.

Yea I remember seeing you play a few rounds. You seemed like a good guy.

The response was more probably than they were originally expected so it became overwhelming. I want you to know I am not here to tear down WFC. In fact I’d like to see it succeed. I got some good footage and will be putting together a small video of the tournament.

I was tired and frustrated and wrote out just a few of my thoughts. In hindsight some could be a bit unfair as I didn’t realize just how new WFC is. I originally thought this was something being put on by Lazy Day Games. I now understand it was WFC using the facilities of Lazy Day Games to host the tournament. It makes much more sense now.

I’ll give WFC another chance. Sorry if I sounded like a prude. :slight_smile:

BTW: I shot you a friend request on Xbox LIVE.

P.S. This tournament did show me can be lethal. One of the players was using a pad and just cleaned house. I was surprised to see just how well some people used the PS3’s d-pad.

Pad players are legit man, doesn’t matter what your tool of choice is, as long as you can get your work done. Mac vs PC. I’m hardly ever on 360 for fighting games though, mostly just armored core and sports.

Sorry if I seemed hostile toward you, I’ve spent a lot of time around the guys who have been in the scene far longer than I have and they’re really trying to get this to work, ironing out the kinks and everything. Even majors start late sometimes, it’s just something that happens with tournaments and is hard to avoid when accommodating out-of-towners and the sort. Hey, it can’t get worse, right? :smiley:

We’re all different personalities, there’s people I HATE to play in games, but we’re cool on everything outside of a tournament match. It’s just some of the nuances that come with the territory. Those same guys that are shit-talking are the same people that will help you out and tell you what you’re doing wrong in a match if you pick their brain.

Good god it begins.