Wichita War Games Results



1st: Axiom
2nd: Prod1gy
3rd: Ky_Des

Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion

1st: The Founder
2nd: Axiom
3rd: BoxyBrosg

Street Fighter IV

1st: Axiom
2nd: Phlush
3rd: Ekie

Melty Blood: Actress Again Swiss-Style Tournament

1st: Ky_Des (4 pts)
2nd: Karmacide (3 pts)
3rd: patapete (2 pts)
4th: ArkiveZero (0 pt)

Tekken 6 3v3 Team Tournament

1st: Big Kids Table (The Founder, BoxBrosG, Axiom)
2nd: Team One (Darron, Ekie, Victor)

Street Fighter 2v2 Team Tournament

1st: Hammer and Sickle (Axiom, Radian)
2nd: Team Mash (The Founder, BoxBrosG)

Big thanks to KC for braving the drive down through the extremely harsh weather conditions on the highway. You guys were late, but your presence was most welcome.

Secondly, a personal apology from myself to John (Axiom) regarding what happened during the Tekken 6 brackets. You had every right to be angry pertaining to what happened during the tourney, and I 100% agree that it was wrong. I’m sorry for the confusion and brazen retardeness that occured from our side.

From my point of view, this is what happened.

Two players did not appear on the bracket, so I added them in as best as humanly possible to avoid conflict with the current results. I always stress for everyone to check the brackets to see if your name is on there, but sadly things can go wrong. That was partially my fault for not double checking. That said, as soon as something occurs I always want to speak to both players if they’re fine with the adjustments.

John spoke to Victor and Victor gave his word that he was fine with replaying the last round of the last set, since both parties played each other anyway (Petro accidentally okayed their match without my permission). Unfortunately Victor decided to change his mind after the fact and neglected to mention this detail to me, even though John went out of his way to talk to him and confirm it beforehand.

The silver lining here is that when all things were said and done, everyone cooled down afterwards and we were able to complete the tournament (albeit a little later than expected). I hope this doesn’t damper any future tournaments we hold, and iron out any wrinkles that might come down the road.

Apologies to KC for also not coming and hanging out after the tourney. I was pretty strapped for time and had to get ready for work right away. It’s always a pleasure to see you again Courtney, good luck to you in Seattle and keep in touch man! You are one hella cool dude and I’m sure KC is already going to miss you. Boxy, good shit for beating my ass in every game we played. You need to pick up Melty Blood so I can get revenge. Le, always a pleasure. Thanks for not trolling my ass with expresso jokes. ArkiveZero, keep at it in Melty man. Spread the gospel!

Wichita: [LIST]
[]Big ups to Ricky for coming out despite what happened to you that day. Good shit, man.
]Also big ups to Cuong for coming too; I could clearly see his hangover or whatever was left of it lol.
[]Thanks to Fuziun for helping run brackets and videos. You were supremely helpful.
]Jude: Sorry you had to leave early and no one wanted to challenge you in HDR. Too beastly maybe? lol
[]Props to Ill Will for coming out and helping out with teams. Thanks for the wakeup call in Tekken warmups!
]Big thanks to Ekie for the extra TV and helping me move the stuff to the venue. You’ll get 'em next time in T6 for sure man. WTF at 3rd place at SFIV though man, you don’t even have the game! lol
[]Thanks Andy for bein’ my teammate at T6, even though it wasn’t even decided by us (how the hell did we get stuck with the kid? dayamn)
]Props to Ky for beasting me at our MBAA match. Was most hype. You too pro
[]More props to Duke, Tony, and Dominic for showing up. Old schoolers, unite!
]Thank you as always to Petro for hosting this tournament and providing us with a venue. Without you, we wouldn’t be doing any tournaments at all in this city. Much respect. (Btw I have your PS3 USB cable)

SFCatGirlFanatic: I didn’t get to talk to you personally, but hopefully you had a lot of fun here. Come back anytime if you want some more games with us!

To anyone missed, GGPO!

Funniest thing at the tourney: Boxy trying desperately to pull off a ten string during the Tekken 3v3, only to get counter hitted ad nauseum by our 13 year old teammate lol. Did he just take a round!?


Peter, good shit as always.

I was not the LEAST bit upset with you. When I said the negative things I did about Wichita, what I SHOULD have said, should have been more directed. This was not your fault. You are always on top of things, and have been a wonderful T.O. I appreciate the apology, but you’re not the one that owes me one.

To Victor - You’re a good player. But you’re a terrible sport. Don’t agree on something then change your mind. That is incredibly weak.
To Petro - I’m still not quite sure if you did what you did on purpose. But I heard from my friends that you were threatening me, saying you were going to beat my ass and such? Nice. Way to man up and make Peter do your dirty work (as always). I could care less if you hate me, or how mad you are that I wasn’t going to roll over like a bitch and take an unjust ‘redo’.

To the rest of Wichita, you guys are fun, and super chill as always. Please excuse my aggressive reaction to what happened, if you can. If not, that’s understandable too. Cooler heads always prevail, and when I get screwed, mine explodes. I’m not real good with dishonest conduct. So, I’m sorry to those of you who were offended.

Darnell - Way to bring it to winners finals in SF. Tekken players in the top of the SF bracket? That’s what’s up.
Phlush - Good stuff man. That Rog was making me sweat. You should do two things though : One, stop jumping in at shotos so much, and Two, don’t let other people jump in on YOU So much, you have c.FP, that is an INSANE anti air.
Cuong - I was really worried going into our match. I thought if I was going to lose, you’d be the guy to do it. Fuerte would have been a great choice, had you did that one day sooner. The night before I played like 30 matches against an El Fuerte player here in KC, who familiarized me with what I need to do in that matchup. Just bad luck sir. I like that Seth though, he’s such a tight character.
Duke - Great to see you again man. It’s been many years. I appreciate your kind words throughout the day. I was hot headed at a point, but I will probably come back at some point. You’re welcome to come to our tournaments here as well.
Wally - Why did you peace out so fast after we showed up? You should have competed. I know you’re good enough to do some damage. And make it to our hookups, damnit. Lawrence is NOT that far away.
Ky - Love that Jin. The KC players were talking about it, and you are just on a different level at Aksys style games than the other Wichita players. If you were exposed to higher level play on a more consistent basis, you would easily be as good as Kong and I are with Jin. Hope you stick with it meng.

KC - We did what we said we would. Good shit to everyone. Especially Le my SF4 teammate, for beasting in teams, and Courtney who didn’t let me play at all in Tekken teams… too solid fellas. Also to Boxy… “DO A 10 HIT!” …“OK!” :lol:

One last note : Prod1gy and I split 1st place. He was on losers side, but we were just goofing off, so he and I decided on a 1st place split, to save you guys some time. :china:

MAXOUT will be held in KC on April 17th, details are up in the tournament thread. Hope to see you guys there!


ugh…that tekken result…

GG’s to everyone I played from here and KC.

yes My natural street fighter skill shined through. Combos lol who needs those.

What also shined through was the negative effect on tekken online play. Myself, Duke and Bignate have really only been playing online for the past 4 months and adjusting to the lack of lag really hurt our games. Droped combos EVERYWHERE! lol Andy need people to play! we should really get over there more and fix both problems next time.

Kansas City GG as always. I plan on making it to one of your hookups after Super Street Fighter comes out. So that should be the one you have after the 17th. I plan on scrubing my way to the top in streetfight again btw. I may even learn a combo or two.

But i also plan on Tekken domination! >:(


first off peter dont run these tournaments. i do ! if any agreements are made 1st and fomost they need to be ran by me not peter…with that being said it was my fault i honestly thought that i seen that match on the brackets. my bad again. now on a real personal note…i told you to keep my sons name out your mouth 4 months ago apparently you didn’t hear me so i’m gone say this again if you come back in may if you don’t clean this up me and you are going to have a real serious problem! and trust me on this im not the only one that feel this way. so watch yo mouth…And as far as manning up and lettin peter do my dirty work what dirty work did he do ? i see whatever shit talkin you did do you you didnt do it around me…you knew who to cry to, and the only reason i didn’t go to your chin is because the theatre manager ivan ask for no violence but now the kid gloves are off! Get out of line again 1 more time and I can show you how real I can make this for you, u damn right i said to your friends that I was going to beat your ass thats not a threat its a promise and a FACT! Next time you want to direct something call my name don’t be a bitch about it NOW, i’m done posting about the matter say something if you want. Other than that good shit k.c you showed up and you did your thang. congrats hope to see you in may. and to Prod1gy nice talkin to you, you a kool ass dude…nice steve


Good games to everyone I played in casuals and during tourney, my Hakumen is still as mashy as ever and Kyle is still looking good with his Jin, despite either of us having not played in a few months before the tourney. Thanks to all of KC making it out in shitty weather, I hope to make it down there sometime.

John: I know you were really angry, that’s why I tried to call you over and tell you what was going on with the brackets along side Pete. Glad the situation is cleared up now though.

Duke: I doubt you’re reading this but it was nice to meet you.

Ricky: Grats for coming out after all that had happened, we all appreciate you playing despite circumstances. Could tell you weren’t fully there.

Sam: Hope you enjoyed the tourney and come out to more!

Peter: I’ll help run brackets any time, but we might have to come up with some ideas to keep funny stuff from happening, at least you remembered to have Rob in SFIV this time!




Im back and 2 everyone talkin shit on the wichita thread that shit is about 2 end i will b gettin a ps3 next month and its trouble for everyone! How the hell ya’ll let someone that don’t even have a ps3 place 5th in any tournament is beyond me, I’m tired of kc winning and talkin shit and i’m definitely tired of this “Player” *** that keeps postin(sumbody shut him up plz!!! i don’t play streetfighter = hella gay). No hatin from me I’m jus stating facts!!! this is Daronn 4 anybody that don’t know its about to be sum major changes and i’ll personally see to it doubt me jus try me I don’t talk much I let my actions talk!


LOL! no one in wichita stands a chance against me so there is no shuttin me up. cant beat kong. cant beat axiom. its apparent you guys are at the bottom of the food chain.

also, u be spittin out mad opinions. you livin in kansas…thats a fact. street fighter = hella gay is straight up opinion son. shut your damn mouth when it comes to opinions. its like me sayin “tekken = hella gay. statin facts”. no its not a fact. stop being a retard and think before you type.