Wicked Sticks Customs. Limited production line


This is something I have been working on for a while now and can finally announce it officially.

My passion and hobby is modding/painting/wiring customs that are unique, this is not a business for me, it is a labor of love. Tech talk regulars know me but not so much for the masses.

I have been fortunate enough to find 2 woodworkers as passionate with their craft as I am and now I am and are ready to start. They are master woodworkers with some of the most amazing skills I have seen.

My goal is to produce 1 custom stick a month for the next year. These are all going to be one-offs, and completely unique.

To gauge interest, we will be putting out 3 sticks (one per month) starting in August 2014. These will be built with customer input of course.

Prices (they are not budget minded as the materials/labor wont be either) will be posted soon as well as the introduction stick to showcase our build quality.

Once the pics are posted, there will be 3 slots available to folks. After consult/price agreement/payment is reached then that slot will be filled.

Pics: incoming…
Price: incoming…


so here is a teaser… one of them has a CNC router and came up with this… Keep in mind it will be routed, then covered with a bartop finish…