WICO 360 base.

So I was digging around my junk box parts and I found a WICO 360 base. Looks like it’s in good condition. No scuffs or burn marks on the base, aside from left over solder on the contacts.

The only problem though is that’s all I have of it. No joystick, no actuator, no e-clip, nada.

Does anyone know what I would need to buy to complete the WICO? And where to buy it?


That’s quite funny how you’ve got the optics but are missing everything else! :lol:

The best thing you could probably do is buy a Happ Perfect 360 from LizardLick or some place and stealing the parts off of that. However, I gotta say that most of the reason why people want the WICO Perfect 360s is because of the build quality of everything BUT the optics. :xeye:

And the WICO stamp on the bottom.
I would want to have that.
It is cool.

Word on that. fobi0, could you provide pics of the base and maybe the optics? I’m really curious to see how it looks since I’ve never seen a dismantled Perfect 360 before.

Really… I thought people wanted WICO because everything about it was > HAPP. Even the optics.

Boo, I don’t want to pay $30 to use this WICO. I got a MAS laying around with HAPP convex’s and a comp stick. Figured I’d put in the WICO so I can get the feeling of old school Marvel back in the days.

Here are the pictures:

You know, eyeballing that real quick, I think it might actually work if you just take out the shaft, dust cover, actuator, and E-clip (maybe throw the pivot in as well if you’re missing that too) from your Happ Competition joystick and throw it in there. I didn’t actually know the actual base with the mounting screw holes was included with the optics! :lol:

Give it a whirl and let us know the results. In theory it should work since the Perfect 360 was based on the Happ Competition after all. I’d be willing to bet at least some of the parts are the same!

Tried it, sadly, it doesn’t not work.

The comp’s shaft is too fat. :frowning:

Rats! Then that means the only option is to buy another Perfect 360 and steal parts from that. :xeye:

Really, I wouldn’t worry too much regarding the build quality of the pivot, shaft, actuator and E-clip of the newer P360s. Most of the issues that were encountered were due to the actual base, so you’ll be safe I think if you just use the parts you’re missing. Just be sure to lubricate your pivot well enough so that you don’t have any serious grinding. :tup:

If all else fails, you could sell it for parts. I for one would definitely be willing to buy it! :bgrin:

I buy!


I dug a little deeper and found the original shaft, pivot, small metal thing that goes between pivot and shaft, actuator, and even the e-clip.

Thank god for ash trays to dump random screws and small shit into.

I’ll make sure it works first before I commit to selling it. I’m going to need the money for EVO this year. Me and my boys are planning on staying there for at least a week instead of the usual weekend only. We already booked a room across Caesar’s at Imperial Palace. Five nights for $300!!!

Great stuff fobi0! To me at least, that’s a pretty good price for 5 nights at the Caesar Palace! Damn that place is fancy! :rock:

The Perfect 360s are great joysticks though; you should keep it around if you’ve got a dedicated American parts stick you like using, especially if you use that stick for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 or something. Else, you should hit up the Trading Outlet. You could sell it for a pretty good price and get a good chunk of EVO money! :lol:

It doesn’t look like it, but I actually have one of the old school MAS sticks when they first started getting popular.

Some retouching/remodeling and it looks like new. The original layout design was old and riddled with sweat and all that other nasty shit, so I just stuck some kind of vinyl wallpaper type stuff. The only thing it doesn’t come with are the original rubber feet.