WICO perfect360 questions

I might be able to score some UNUSED wico 360 sticks. for those that dont know, the wico 360 sticks were pretty much the original p360s before happ bought them out and made the new and shoddy versions we all know and love.


i never installed one tho. and was wondering if the mounting dimensions and such would fit with no problems into a control panel that is drilled for a happ stick? im assuming yes, but i want to be certain. i also dont know about the sticks “clearance.” does it take up just as much space as a current happ p360? more? less?

i would like to know these answers before i buy.


I’m 99% sure that the base is the exact same size. The “clearance” might be a little different but if it is it woudn’t be by much.

dope thanx albert.

anyone else confirm?

Umm well the one your using…is alot different than the one I have…But the mounting on all wicos are the same as the ones for a happ.

The P360 replaced the Wico360 and the Wico360 replaced the Wico Leafswitch. They feel basically identical, no clickity click but the leafswitch does not need as much clearance or case height.

I have a few NOS leafswitches left, would anyone here be interested in a case that featured a ball top wico leaf joy?

(just checking/hijacking) :wgrin:

4 or 8 way, rubber or spring action?

Ooops, what I meant was, would anyone buy an arcade stick that featured a Wico leaf joy with ball top and maybe Sanwa buttons.

They are 8-way and rubber grommet.