Wico vs Happ, whats the difference

:sweat:I just brought to wico joystics off of ebay and i was thinkin about buyin a wico leaf stick next. But i wanna know do the bat top play better or the same as happ compettion sticks.

Let us know exactly what you got. Can you post a picture of the stick here?

Also, I have a box full of wico leafswitch stuff that is in really good condition. If you are missing something maybe I can help you out.

Wico Battops are pretty rare. Id like to see em though if you got one.

In terms of performance, imho, wico’s feel pretty cool but they are actually adjustable to some degree. Say you want the switch to engage with little or no throw, you can bend the leafs a little to make that happen. Say you want more diagonals, you can tweak it a little.


Well ima stick with this for now. Til i figure out how to mount this base in to my RO case. sigh not very good at using a dremel

this is not Wico Leaf Swich http://www.arcadeparadise.org/reviews/joysticks-wico.jpg

it is Wico 8 way Spring Action Joystick use normal microswitches with plain lever
(current P360 base), this is crap.