Wider sticks?

I’ve been looking for sticks or cases that are around 15" wide, besides the Mad Catz TE. Been looking around but it seems most cases are around the 13" mark.

Anyone know of sticks that are distinctly wider?

HRAP V3 SA is definitely wide

Voltech’s new VAS is 15" I believe.
Souji makes some awesome wide sticks.

www.aiabstore.com :tup:

For about $500 you can try to preorder the vlx from akihabarashop.jp

While price isn’t a huge issue, $500 might be pushing it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also any wider DIY cases would work too, if anyone knows someone/somewhere who makes them (preferably for under $100).


Like I said I’d recommend Souji or Voltech for wider

those new Voltech cases look nice, but they are $100-200+ if I recall correctly.

This is a cool thread. I thought only I wanted a wider base for my stick. I just don’t have two bills to throw down on this. In the $70 total range, anyone know of anything wider than the regular Mad Catz fight stick?