Widescreen Monitor

I’m currently looking at this widescreen monitor. I want to get it since a local store is selling it for $140, but before I do, I have some questions:

  1. Am I going to have any problems playing games on this monitor? Will all games support widescreen resolutions?

  2. Is there any reason I shouldn’t get widescreen as opposed to a standard LCD monitor? My current monitor is a SyncMaster 730B, max resolution is 1280 x 1024.

  3. For anyone who happens to have the monitor in question, does it come with a DVI cable? My current monitor didn’t come with one even though it has DVI input.

Can you advise which systems you’ll be playing on this one (XBOX, PC etc)?

The monitor’s for my PC only.

I can’t comment on the specifics of the monitor but you should have no problems running most modern games. If there’s something specific you want information on game-wise, this is a good site:


It gives work-arounds/fixes for some older software.

I personally love gaming on the PC in widescreen as you get a better view of the action. I also have a 16:9 ratio monitor so running SFIV is great with the proper aspect ratio.

Most games now support widescreen well enough. older games would sometimes just scale up the game and cut the top and bottom off, but i dont recall many that do that. Most monitors will come with a VGA and DVI cables now, but you will have to check for specifics on this one.

Widescreens are awesome. i bought one back in 06 or 07, and i HATE looking at normal lcd’s now.

Just check out WSGF, that ericleroi posted, they have pretty good reviews on things, although they might not be quite up to date on things. also check out a few other review sites (cnet or anandtech)

Thanks for the help guys!

If a game doesn’t support widescreen at all, you will just have black bars on the side, so there’s no problems. I also have a 20" widescreen monitor.

or it will stretch

i used to hate widescreen but goddamn dude, it’s so nice. i guess i just didn’t like the way my friend’s lcds look, because mine has vivid colors and shitlike you wouldn’t believe.

I got the new monitor…holy crap. :lovin: