Widescreen or Normal?

This may probably be the dumbest question asked but I just have to know lol. My friend suggested to me that I play on widescreen as I previously play on normal setting, I tried it and this might just be my imagination but combos felt easier so kept it that way even though the characters felt closer to each other and more compressed.

I went to a tournament recently and just by looking (I don’t know for sure) all the tv’s seem to be on normal setting rather then widescreen.

Basically do tournaments run there tv’s on normal or widescreen and does it make a difference what setting I play on?

If you got a PS3 or Xbox 360 why not widescreen, the game takes it into account and shows more of the play field. Bonus if the TV is HD

If you play Street Fighter on lets say Dreamcast or Snes normal is fine

That’s the thing though if I put it on widescreen I see less of the stage. (I play Super street fighter 4 on Xbox 360) If I put the setting to normal I see a lot more.

Depends on the game and what it was made to run on. SFIV or any newer game that was developed in widescreen, I run in widescreen. Older games like 3S and VSav, I run on normal since that’s the way they were meant to be run.

While I think you’re on the right track about aspect ratio, MeFTW is having problems playing a newer game in widescreen mode, not an older one.

MeFTW, what monitor are you using? If you use widescreen resolutions on a 4:3 or 5:4 monitor it’ll have to zoom out and put black bars on the side to play at a lower effective resolution because it won’t fit otherwise and the top and while the top and bottom of the image will still be generated, otherwise there will be no place to put the remainder on screen, effectively cutting off the image to fit. You’ll probably want to use a 16:9 or 16:10 monitor for playing newer games and movies since that’s quickly becoming the new standard, thanks to its cinematic prevalence.

I suppose it’s a bit off topic but it’s a bit of a shame really because most other computer generated content is still designed to be displayed at resolutions as low as 640x480 or 800x600, making it much, much more suitable for more vertically oriented displays, albeit at the very least you could utilize the extra space on the side to multitask. Well, at least you could if they were increasing resolution instead of decreasing it to achieve the desire result. 1920x1080p is actually bit shorter than its nearest neighbor 1920x1200.

What we need to know, is what MeFTW means by “widescreen.” If he’s setting it to “widescreen” on a standard monitor, then he’ll get black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. now as far as I’ve seen, in the tournaments I’ve gone too, we match the aspect ratio to whatever screen we’re using.

Since he’s saying he sees less I’d guess the issue is with overscan 'cause it makes everything bigger than the screen would normally display and hence, easier to see where you should be hitting, while cutting off the front and/or back of the image, hence not letting him see as much of the stage. Although I suppose you’d also see less detail in the stage with the reduction in resolution caused by decreasing it and might miss certain elements. It’s hard to be certain and knowing would be nice.

Equipment-wise, the tournaments may have two problems. The first is that they’re budget strapped, so they may have to use whatever they have made available to them. The second is that they’re time strapped, meaning they probably just use whichever setup is easiest. However, just so long as we’re considering high level play:

I’d say the standard to be aiming for optimum play in this case is Capcom’s design considerations. I can’t say I know them for certain but my first guess would be that its balanced for widescreen play, both because of their aforementioned increasing prevalence in the home market and because that’s what the original Vewlix cabinets had. Granted, if the maximum amount of space allowed between players is merely a 4:3 arena encapsulated by invisible walls, with the extra area merely acting as a prettier sidebar like in the current generation’s version of Marvel vs. Capcom 2, whether or not overscan is used is merely an aesthetic consideration.

However if the playable area is a different size, that’s another story altogether. This has a geometrical effect on the game, as an attack that spans ‘across the entire screen’ could have a greater horizontal span but may possibly take up a lower percentage of the overall battle arena, giving you space to dodge it. The aspect ratio of the screen would then be important because positioning yourself properly a bit harder when you can’t see where you’re going and it might end up with periods where you or your opponent are hidden from view.

Granted with enough practice you could probably learn to use this advantageously but that may creates a split in the standards of gameplay, pendent on whether you can actually see what’s going on or not. Not a preferabEven if Capcom tried to metagame the system and altered the size of the arena to match the aspect ratio, it still wouldn’t work because then the moves would have different levels of effectiveness pendent on which aspect ratio you were using. Sonic Booms will work better in a widescreen arena if they travel the full width of the screen, while there wouldn’t be as much space to make a gap between players for a Shoryuken uppercut in a narrower screen. I don’t think they’d do that though…

Granted, that’s all just theoretical since I don’t actually play the game to be certain of the true effects. XD I’d still seriously consider a taller widescreen monitor with an equivalent horizontal pixel count since that’d magnify the image and encapsulate a widescreen aspect ratio allowing you to see everything you want to.

I’ve always wondered, how does the game handle two online opponents that have different settings enabled? If player 1 has 4:3, and player 2 has 16:9, then player 2 would have a larger play area, so what happens when both players are at the limits of player 2’s screen? Player 1 doesn’t have enough area to be that far away.

Depends on the game. The length of the playing field in SF4 does not change whether you have the console set to 4:3 SD or 16:9 720p. I’ve even tried playing SF4 on PC with the my 1024x728 monitor mounted sideways in portrait view and the field length remains the same but with a hilarious zoomed out view of the floor and ceiling.

In AH3, players with different aspect ratio settings aren’t able to play against each other online since the playing field length is increased with 16:9 and it changes a lot of the spacing in the game.

Weird about AH3. But yeah, SF4 aspect ratio doesn’t change the playable area, just the field of view.

I’m not 100% sure what size tv I have but it is probably normal size tv not widescreen. It’s just that when I play street fighter and use Cody who has a knife in the middle of the stage, in widescreen I can only see the arrows in normal I can see the arrows AND knife.

What happens is that in normal mode, you see more of the stage. It extends the viewing area above and below what you’d normally see in widescreen. This is referred to as “cropped widescreen.” Here’s an example (I know this is SRK but this is the best picture that illustrates the point):


ok thanks I kinda understand it a bit more, but still not 100% sure which setting I should play in unless I get a new tv.

Well, is the screen a long rectangle, or is closer to a square?

Which one of these does your TV look like?
Television A:

Television B:


Television A

Well then, you have a widescreen TV. You need to set your your television settings and console settings to widescreen (720p or 1080p, depending on your TV’s capabilities). You might have some TV setting set like ‘zoom’ or ‘wide’, which will stretch the picture past the edges of the screen, which might be why you see less of the screen.

One thing to consider: you’ll always have the least input lag from your monitor when you’re running it at native resolution, native aspect ratio.

It’s possible that your monitor just had some additional input lag when you let it letterbox to 4:3, which went away when you put it to 16:9. If you didn’t get used to the slightly different timing, you’d be dropping combos more often, yeah.

Short answer: you should play in widescreen for any game made for current gen consoles. I’m pretty sure widescreen is also the tournament standard.

What’s happening here sounds like you didn’t change your consoles settings, but manually set “widescreen” on your TV. Make sure you go into your PS3 or Xbox display settings and change it to 16:9 before changing anything on your TV. I can tell you for sure that you should be able to see Cody’s knife (and Vega’s dropped stuff) no matter what aspect ratio you’re playing in.

Ok Thanks both of you for your advice, I will look into this. :slight_smile: