Wierd Connection Problem (sf4 only!)


Like the title says, I have connection issues ONLY when playing SF4 on xbox live. I get 1-2 bars every match and then give up… pop in mw2, and have a PERFECT 5 bar connection. Normally a connection issue would be caused by wireless connections… however, there are no wireless connections and if my connection speed was just slow, then why does mw2 play so perfectly???
plz halp a brotha


does the connection affect the gameplay? if not, then don’t worry about it.


Yeah dude. It’s unbearable. linking into certain combos is impossible, hit confirm is too, and counter grab is out of the question.
I’m gettin murdered out there :frowning:


Anything less than 4 bars is nearly unplayable.

SF4 Online just really sucks. Maybe someone can post some tips aside from the usual “open your ports”, “don’t be downloading anything” and “wire your connection” because I have the exact same problem. Even if I DMZ my PS3 through my router it runs like shit. I’ve never played a 5 bar match in SF4.

And on the off chance I find someone with a 5 bar connection it always says “Unable to Play.” when I try to connect to them.


well I have wired everything now… All the rookie mistakes are accounted for; no pron downloading, no laptop connections… Still the problem remains. SF4 2 bars, other games 5 bars. What does this game have/do that others don’t??


I really have no problem playing sf4 on xbl, but on psn is unbearable.