Wierd issue with my SE Fightstick

Anyone else having an issue with your buttons not firing 100% of the time?

My y (Medium Punch) button won’t fire 100% of the time, more like 30%…

I figured it was a faulty button at first so i switched it with one of the other buttons, now it still has the same problem… I took the LT (Triple Kick) button and moved it to the Y button location and now that button has the same issue, I tried switching that buttons wires from the medium punch and just putting the LT button in the Y button socket and then remapping the LT (Which at this point is in the Y button location) to medium punch… STILL THE SAME PROBLEM!! its like my SE stick refuses to want a button in the Y button socket… :wow: :lame:

so its like my SE stick will only accept this layout


Any suggestions other than buying a new stick? I do have 8 Sanwa buttons coming, hope that they’ll fix the issue.

Edit: After trying the method of button maintenance Socratic suggested the issue cleared up.

Thanks for everyone’s help!

Jsut switch your quick disconnects with the button that’s not doing it.

So it’s like


Ive tried that… like i said, whatever button is in that spot just wont fire 100% of the time regardless of where its qdcs are from ive even move a black button to that spot but left it hooked to trigger/bumper/shoulder… it still wont fire 100% of the time

like i said, crazy wierd… think ill need to replace the board?

My buttons haven’t gotten that bad, but Y sometimes gets stuck and I have to keep pressing it until it pops up again.

is that it wont work in a combo or it just wont work when pressing only it?

i’m saying, swap the actual pair of quick disconnects for one of your other buttons.

So, your layout might be messed up but you can configure that in game.

it’s not a hard concept, relaly.

I’m having that same damn problem too. I guess we all use that button a lot or this is gods way of telling us to jump into SNK games with 4 button layouts.

AND IVE SAID I’ve done that

so instead of my layout being

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8

It’s now

1 8 3 4
5 6 7 2

in this layout my y buttin is now in the LT position and the LT in the Y position but their wires remain in the original config so i at default controls without remmapping its

LP 3xK HP 3xP

basically when you press a button repeatedly in say practice mode with inputs turned on itll normally look something like this


But right now as it stands it is more like


God I hope my SANWA’s will fix this issue…

Regardless I went out and grabbed a TE to either way its an issue that visitors will have to deal with :stuck_out_tongue:

Same button same problem, except mine doesn’t respond some 90% of the time. Sometimes flawless for 30 seconds, then random for minutes, then dead for minutes, etc.

Haven’t opened it up trying to switch buttons yet, but I suspect it’s the PCB. My warrant is voided because the sticker looks like I’ve cut it, must’ve been grinding on my… hmm… lap too much. :bgrin:

Hope you won’t run in to the same kind of issue with the TE you grabbed. But be happy you can afford and find one just like that.

sucks, i was thiniking pcb too…

I was gunna dual mod it too… owell.

I used to have that problem on mid kick.
I changed my switches for sanwas and it seems to have solve my problem (I did it yesterday evening, I haven’t played so much yet)

Try this.

Thanks! I was trying something like that but yeah… you know how springs are… so now I’m waiting for my buttons lol:rofl:

Update; It works!

Thanks Socratic!

Now i just need my sanwas and everything will be alright.