Wierd problem with PSN


I was just playing today, when I got disconnected from PSN, no big deal, I sign back in. Well, it doesn’t work. After a bit of tinkering, unpluging you router, messing with connections, etc, PSN, hooks up again. Buuuut…

Before when I would play, I could normally find a game in about 10-20 seconds, when I created my own game. Someone would join, and I’d see thier bars. Now, it takes a good couple of minutes for someone to join my game, and whenever they do, I get the flashing icon saying that it couldn’t detect how good the connection is. I still get totally lag free games, but it takes forever for someone to join. I’m guessing that because people can’t see how good my connection is, they avoid my games.

Also, when I decide to search for a game, I don’t get any results. I run a custom searchwhere everything is set to “any”, and it says my search parameters are too strict. :wink:

Any ideas what I can do? I really miss being able to get into a game in about 10 seconds after hitting “Create Game”.