Wierd question about buttons

I just ordered some obsf-30’s to put in my Hori FS3 but have since decided to make my own case. Is it possible to use these buttons in a wooden case?

I believe snap-ins like OBSF30 are meant for metal control panels. I’m not sure how they would work in a wooden case.

yeh, the grips on the side aren’t really deep enough to grab onto a wooden control panel. I have a spare Seimitsu snap-in upstairs which I just measured and it will only grip up to about 4mm.

If you used a wooden control panel, with 2mm Plexi on top, you would either have to route down to 2mm or your top layer of MDF only 2mm deep, which wouldn’t give you much support.

The screw-ins grip up to quite a lot, I usually have them gripping somewhere around 8mm.

If you use a wooden case with a piece of plexi you can make snap ins work great, This is how I have the control panel set up on my cab.

Basically you just cut the hole in the wood a little bit larger than the button itself and the buttons clip into the plexi with the wood supporting it all.

You can put notchs in the wood that lets the snaps slide in, plexi holds the buttons in.