Wierd Ragin Demon Trick

Sorry if this has been talked about. I googled it and couldn’t find anything remotely close, although people before me might have worded it differently.

Any ways, onto the trick…

I was messing around training mode today, and some how accidentally super cancelled into a raging demon off a dp(I think I was trying to practice forward mp into demon, but I dont remember). Any way, it got me thinking because I hadnt even thought about the fact that Gouki could even super cancel in the first place. I messed around with it some more, and I found that at ranges of even like 3/4 or the screen away you can punish fireballs with scing a demon out of it. The range is basically a little before the end of his slide in the super demon. I put the dummy on throw fireball, and then jump as soon as possible and was still able to get these demons on even ryu and sagat. I was worried I might be predicting the fireballs so I had sagat throw three tiger shots from where I thought was the max distance and countered them all with lp fireballs, scing the third one.

I know it probably needs more testing, but turning a read fireball into a free demon seems like a decent use of meter.

tldr: Super canceled fireballs in a fireball clash = free demon?

this has been found out and if it isnt in the demon thread that would explain why u dont know it lol.


Ok, sorry for the redundant post