Wierd sanwa buttons


look through my old spare parts and im kinda wondering how this sanwa buttons would fit on a different panel. I got them from an old kof xii stick and saw that their labeled as sanwa buttons. they don’t feel like sanwa buttons but just wanted to find out if you guys have any idea about em.


Pic of where they are labeled Sanwa?


The Exar Exaprize doesn’t use full Sanwa buttons.
Some have reported that the buttons use Sanwa microswitches, but the buttons themselves (rim + plunger) are definitely not Sanwa.

Unless, of course, you have the Exar Exaprize USB Stick Sanwa Edition, which the King Of Fighters version is definitely not.


it’s wierd 3 out of the 6 buttons have sanwa labels. maybe you’re right about just having the microswitches under sanwa


Ya. Those aren’t Sanwa buttons. Just SW-68 switches.


thanks for confirming guys.

please close the thread thanks :smiley: