Wierd Twelve XNDL

Well my friend and I were playing he was Akuma and I was Twelve. He got me down to no life and luckly I slowly came back than he jumped and I figured why not try XNDL. He came down and fully landed, something I didnt expect. Well the millisecond he landed he parried once. It slide him across the map while he was parrying and it looked like only the last one hit him and we watched the recording and it still only looked like one hit him and it killed him. Funny part is it said I finished him with a 7 hit super finish. We tried doing it again and found it seems to only works on shotos but at the end it sometimes hits all 7 hits at once.

XNDL is random that way. Sometimes u can parry once and it parries every hit 4 u

i didnt want to start a new thread and this title is rather fitting:

i was using twelve vs remy:
Remy threw LOV and would rush in to throw. I threw out the pricklypear (SA1) as he was dashing in nearly within throw range (or maybe already within throw range), and remy dash seemed to go over/through most of the hits. It only registered 3 hits and got pathetic damage.

anybody expect this?
anybody know of other moves that deceptively hop over/through the nettle patch?

Way too many UOHs go completely over it, even if the character’s sprite is actually touching the tops of the needles.


Isn’t it also because of the distance from Twelve? I think it’s something like Max Sweep Range to be most damaging -right Thongboy? o.O;

yes that sounds right eISH. But yeah the height on XNDL sucks that’s why I dont think it’s a suitable AA.

oh really?
so you can be too close with this super?
i didnt know
mavbe that what happened
i should take this to training mode

I know it does less damage when farther away, but i wasn’t aware of any minimum effective range. does anyone have a concrete answer on this?