Wife Cuts Off Husband's Penis And Throws It Into Garbage Disposal

So much for the subservient Asian housewife stereotype. This was pure calculated murder of the 3rd degree.

The sad part is, if he had escaped from his ropes and assaulted her in a blind rage the legal repercussions would be lengthy. In my opinion, if a woman is prepared to sever a man’s penis and emulsify it, she should also be prepared to like, not exist in this world, anymore.

Awaits Rockbogart’s opinion

Ouch. I wonder what he did to “deserve it”

It’s almost hilarious how people will explain away any crime a female commits. The comments are horrendous. They’re bad on every site this story has been published on.

geez. see that face? not like she was gettin that dick anymore, jesus christ

by the way, joke’s on her. as long as you have access to a human finger, you can have another penis. so basically, all she did was cause him some emotional harm and get herself jailed. he’s definitely gonna get another dick

Really? Like is it a real penis, or just a finger where a penis used to be?

I guess women don’t like cocky men.

Bravo Zoo. Bravo.

golf clap

Soon as I read “Catherine” I almost screamed like Vincent.

Again? This shit has got to stop. People are finna start slicing boobies in retaliation.

judging by her masculine bone structure and latent transgenderism, she was likely just jealous

hang her. actually, cut her tits off. better yet, cut her tits off, cut her pussy off, then hang her with her tits and pussy. DONT LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT! MAKE IT WORK!

One can only imagine the pain and horror…

This will be excellent for SoCals proposition to become its own state.


fuck…this really killed my mood. it’s gonna be hard to get it back up =/

I didn’t even read the thread yet. That bitch crossed the line! That is just something you do NOT do!

I don’t know hte process, I just know a finger could be used to work as one

i’m raging the fuck out over here.

also i’m raging the fuck out over ABC titling the report “OUCH!” they for damn sure wouldn’t title it “OUCH!” if a man mutilated a woman. "OUCH!: man shoves hot poker in his wife’s vagina after she filed for divorce! LOL! OUCH!


also i was surprised to see that omfg didn’t take the woman’s side on this one

Is it wrong to say that your username and this topic are a strange coincidence? Lol