Wife filmed putting a hit on her husband's head



[Video is on the link]
Apparently alimony is not enough for these skeeves nowadays. In an ideal world she’d be sentenced to death, in a reasonable world she’d be placed in prison for the rest of her life, but in the world we live in she will receive a sentence that does not even begin to reflect her culpability.


This is why I keep my wife in locked in the closet when she isn’t at work or sucking my dick. It avoids messy situations like this one.


“These skeeves”?


Million Dollar question:

Will he have to pay alimony in the wake of an obvious impending divorce?


Urban Dictionary:
Skeeve: a woman of loose virtue that is extremely like to perform a sexual act on any individual who pays her attention. The term is derived from the Italian “schifosa”, the feminine form of the word for disgusting.


You’ve already posted two times too many.


I forgot to say tat even tough this woman was obviously depraved I’d like to know how fucked up the guy was for her wanting to murder him.

As for her getting the light end of a sentence. I wont be surprised. She already set herself up to be sympathetic when ordering the hit.

She also asks for it to be painless. She’ll just play the sympathetic card. It’ll go something like this, “I was young, stupid, didn’t see another way out, but I loved him that’s why I said it’d break my heart and I didn’t want him to suffer.”


Taking bets on the sentence.
Six years at 1:1 odds.


She’s still going to make out the most in the divorce.

“He was such a terrible husband she had to hire someone to kill him. Obviously she was the victim here, PAY HER!”


I bet 10$ on 4 -5 year sentence - suspended.




21, 2 Kids, wants to kill her husband
Incoming Divorce with her getting more benefits.


Be careful, one of the feminists might take you seriously and call the po-pos. Just sayin’


The closet I keep her in is pretty nice. I mean, it ain’t like snatching her up in a dog kennel or something. I clean her poop corner once a week, and if she behaves, she eats at the table. Some people say this is extreme but hey, it still beats the middle east.


Also who the hell hires a hitman nowadays? Aren’t 80% of them cops anyway?


yah yah biiiiitch thinks this wife is on the right, the husband probably was neglecting her emotionally


Pat Robertson would be proud of you.


Poor girl was probably getting raped and beaten on a daily basis along with the children…oh sorry I was doing my impression of the defence that will get her off.


guess this wench didn’t get the memo LOLOL.


How do these random people find hitmen anyway? Do they just look in the yellow pages for “Hitman” or just walk up to people who look like the Hollywood representation of what a hitman looks like and ask them to kill someone?