Wiff Based Characters

I’ve been hearing the term “Wiff based” around lately, in streams.
It seems pretty fitting.
Viper, Bison, Balrog, etc.

A character that revolves around throwing specials with such low recovery that they are safe even if they miss. Wiff based.
You can argue that most wiff based characters can be played in a way, so that they don’t rely on the wiff as much. but we all know, in the last 5 percent of fights that are real close, most players reserve the option to start playing defence wiff based fishing

Is there a question here? A discussion topic? A cry for help? I don’t get why you posted this.

tl;dr what is this i don’t even

I’m not even sure there’s such thing as a “whiff based” character. Exactly what specials can these characters whiff that are completely safe? Are you trying to ask WHICH characters are “whiff based”?

Came into this topic thinking TC was talking about characters who can whiff punish well.