Wifi Kills Sperm?

Prolonged exposure to Wifi may damage sperm…

Or maybe it is the excess heat the laptop gives off since you know, sperm are sensitive to temperature, hence the whole ascending and descending of the testicles.

But what do I know?

I don’t even own a lab coat.

In your face online warriors.

ofn nooblord.

Good thing I don’t rest my laptop on my lap then. I always have access to a desk.

Dumbass, that obviously makes it a DESKtop. Fucking idiots I tell you!!

Streaming your sex sessions online now counts as birth control

I’m glad to know I can kill sperm in jar by putting it by my laptop.

Oh, Cuthwald…

needs more repeat tests and more different laptops and experiments with semen still in the confines of one’s testicles

Ahhhh, my testicles are burning

I thought Wi-Fi and radio signals were the same thing, except one transmits 1s and 0s and the other transmits the hits of the 80s 90s and today? So was your dad listening to his pocket Walkman in the 80s any less harmful to your swimmers than streaming Sasha Grey’s Cumpolation XVII?

Well thank god I don’t put my PS3 on my lap, that would be sort of uncomfortable

netplay is still safe!

That is so random.

Most SRK members need all the testicle pressing they can get.

this is on the same level as phones having the potential to cause cancer.

Obvious shit.


Thank you god, for giving me the strength to not put a very uncomfortable and very hot piece of plastic on my balls.

on the bright side, all those hipster kids with their apple laptops cant procreate as well.

Ah, that’s why I aint spittin’ out dem ropes like I use to do…


I don’t use a laptop. :eek:

We shouldn’t be suprised by the finding of these results. There are so many man made wireless signals around us today, and yet we are only begining to understand some of the possible long term implications. Major industry would like for us to believe that these things are harmless, but the research is out there and it is getting stronger as time goes by.

I strongly encourage you guys to read this book:

Very informative and suprising at the same time.

my Hispanic neighbor has 5 kids, one on the way, and there’s a ton of hot spots in my area.

whitey can’t get it right.

Yet, there’s a population increase of one billion within the past decade. Expect it to go up exponentially.