Wigfall vs Duc. Jr, ft10 for $500

Self-explanatory. Online threats welcome so he can get banned again. I like my boy Wigfall. I’m putting up $500. I’m sure more EC will put up bets once this gets advertised. If my money situation gets more solid in 3 weeks, I’ll put up more.

Even though Duc. Jr. got 2nd, I still like a shitload of players he beat at Evo West and a shitload of players on EC over him.

But the main point of this thread is I like Wigfall over him.

I’m sure with all his talk, he’ll accept.

Oh Yes!!!

oohhhh shit. evo world gonna get hypppee

OH SHIT! I dont even play Marvel and this is what’s up. Haven’t seen Wigfall play in person yet so it would be cool just for that.

lol What difference does it make whether it’s in person or it’s in a vid? “OMG! Did you see what his hands just did???!??”

ahahaha I’m not taking your bait this time buddy…nice try though. Match Declined like bad credit. If you wanna back infinite with that money…we can talk.

what bait? aren’t you the one that was talking shit about wigfall? how about your boy mike chaos vs wigfall for 500? Why are you bringing infinite into this? This is between you and wigfall and your pretty smile bitch.

If you’re scary post up you’re scary. Don’t post up you ain’t taking bait. You’re not that smart.

I’m sorry I’m shaking in my Lacoste shoes. My fault im on heavy medication right now…between all the Oxycodone and Prozac I just don’t know Blaze. The Chlorpromazine and Prochlorperazine are really kicking in. I can’t do much right now…and it’s all caused me to loose my goth powers and revert to emo. I’m now on diet goth and listening to Hawthorne Heights all day. I’m trying to hear my A Thorn for every heart cd, but you keep yelling at me.

Damn. And to think that the three of us shared the same room and bed at ECCX.

:rofl: That’s actually pretty funny.

I’m gonna go ahead and give you the benefit of the doubt and no homo that for you. No homo.

Apparantly the challenge was declined, thread closed before it gets derailed.