Wii Aracde Stick Options?

I did a bunch of searches first and didn’t quite find what I was looking for, so if this has been asked before I apologize before hand! I’ve picked up Tatsunoko Vs Capcom and I wanted to play with on an Aracde stick. The Hori Wii sticks are about 29.99$ off ebay which is great! but I’m hearing they’re pretty crappy sticks and a bit of a pain to mod as they require soddering (I know it’s not that hard but still). I currently have a HRAP3 modded with Sanwa Buttons and a TE stick coming for PS3. Is there any adapter for these? Obviously these are far greater sticks. I saw a PS2 to wii adatper and a PS3 to PS2 adapter (I think) but that seems like a lot of connections filtering into each other. That and they’re more than the Hori Wii stick.

What are peoples thoughts on this? I’m sure I’m no the only one that’s thought about this!

Thanks in advance, and again sorry if this is a repost!

Get a PS2 stick and a PS2 to GameCube adapter. There’s not much sense in buying a dedicated stick for Wii since Tatsunoko vs. Capcom has support for GameCube input.

you can hack a GC controller which is the best option. the wii fighting stick requires a wii controller to use which means you will be spending another $40 to get yourself setup.

or what fsckyle said.

Yea, I was actually debating making my stick a dual-pcb GC/360, as I play a bunch of homebrew/VC/emulators. I think thats the best idea, personally

I’d recommend going 360/PS2 in that case. With adapters I can use my stick on my 360, PS2, Xbox, Wii/GameCube (don’t have a Wii), Dreamcast and PC.

360/ps2 is the best option nowadays

with ps2->ps3(inpin and pelican) and ps2->GC(cube joybox pro) converters with confirmed 0 lag, you pretty much got every important console covered.

and there are DC converts too

So is there any converters for HRAP 3 and the TE stick that are coming out?
I guess it would have to be PS3–(to)–>PS2 then PS2–(to)–>GC.

What do people suggest for this? Anyone hooked up the HRAP3 to GC/Wii?

Also anyone know good places to buy these adapters?
Thanks so much for the info so far guys :smiley:

Sorry buddy, but there’s no such thing as a USB to Anything converter and there never will be one. Even if there was to be one, it’d come with a price tag even larger than the X360 power brick and may even rival the Xbox 1 itself. I’d say just go get a HRAP2:SA or PCB mod your HRAP3 for PS2 usage. Then, you can make use of the PS2 to GC converter.

As for converters, you should check out the Converter/Adapter Thread. Most will say go for the Cube Joybox Pro. I’m personally an advocate for very good but more expensive GC Keyboard Converter 2in1. Far as I can tell, that thing is lagless and works well with multiple kinds of PCBs. Plus, if you’ve got Phantasy Star Online for the GC, the ability to use a PS/2 keyboard is awesome.

Ok interesting!
Thanks guys, Looks like I’ll try and pickup a HRAP2:SA. Excuse my ignorance, but I assume these aren’t sold anymore? Or they are? Any ideas where I could get one? If you can’t I guess I’ll keep my eye out on the trading post forum.

Thanks a lot for all the info guys :smiley:

I really like that, but I don’t have a common ground xbox pad unfortunately. And… I can’t figure out where to grab one for the life of me. There seems to be the odd madcatz arcade on ebay, but they’re much more expensive than the $20 first party wired pads.

Meh, I’m slipping. I need to overhaul my thread, but I have a MS exam coming up Wednesday and have been cramming when I’m not on here.

You can more than likely buy this today at GameStop:

And wire it using this diagram:

Make sure that it has the pointy handles with the GameStop label. These are rebranded Mad Catz controllers which are common ground.

I live in Canada, which is part of the problem. But I think the EBGames around here may be stocking those, as the last time I went in to find a used controller to hack all they had were these I believe.

Clthulu MC or UPCB would probably be a good choice. You would get a lot of other console support as well.