Wii arcade stick, anypoint in getting it?

yh i just saw wii arcade stick on amazon, anypoint in getting it anyone?

EDIT:i mean, since i’m in uk i assume it’s in america.

well guilty gear is available for the wii, and SNk is gonna release lots of Neogeo fighters for the virtual console

holy crap i forgot about guilty gear

Naruto also ^_^.

i’m just scared that GG might not come out in the uk
i’m not a big fan of gg but i want to get into it, and i havn’t seen gg games ANYWHERE

yeah europe is fucked again, at this point Accent Core is only gonna be released in US and Japan for ps2/wii

Anyone get it? I want to know if it is mod-able. I mean, anything is mod-able, but I wonder how the PCB board is connected. I’d really like to take out the outer right buttons because, honestly, there isnt a REAL fighting game out there that uses 8 buttons.

I know that the PS2 Tekken 5 stick has the buttons directly connected to the PCB board which makes it an utter bitch for the average consumer to take out buttons. I also know that that HRAP1 has the PCB board somewhere else and the buttons are connected via wires which makes it super easy to take out the switches and cover the holes with flat panel covers.

Info and pics would be nice.

dont get you’re hopes up, i heard that the game is so bad that it killed the community in well under a week.

Outside of the Neogeo games and GG accent core, I think I might go for the PS2 version for GG, I don’t really see a need to buy it. If I could, I’d use my custom stick. That reminds me, I need to post some pics of it. Then again that’s my 2 cents.

If you don’t have a stick, then I’d say go for it. Otherwise build your own or buy one and use adapters.

Wait, which Naruto? NMH3 was the best out of all of them.


I think he may have been referring to Clash of Ninja EX considering it’s the one out on the Wii right now. Still actual content of the games aside, the Smash Bros controls really rule out the need for a joystick. So yeah, you’re basically buying it for the virtual console.

Got mine today. Seems like it’s just what people were expecting (for a Hori controller at that price).

The controller plugs in to the mote and the Wii thinks it has a classic controlled attatched. The controller has all the buttons of the classic controller. Games that require analogue controls can’t be played obviously.

Maybe some pictures in the coming days.

Oh yea… if the Wii think the arcade stick is a classic controller it shouldn’t work with Metal Slug Anthology. It would be great if somebody could confirm it though.

Why is that? (it’s been SO long since I played SBM)

There are no complex button or directional inputs, the controller works fine for it as far as I’m concerned.

When you take pictures make sure to open it up and get some pics of the inside. I want to see the PCB and how everything hooks up.

So true. Aside from all the dumb extras they added to the game, the almost zero block stun and ability to hit the opponent OTG ruin the game. There may be hope for EX2 coming out this winter, but still there is no need for a stick to play this game.

I am sure the Wii stick is meant for GG and VC fighters.

just to make myself clear, i was reffereing to the naruto games made by tomy for the gamecube/wii.

as for narultamate hero series, NH3 was extremely balenced, i just flat out didn’t like it cause basic combat felt to clunky for me. meanwhile NHA fixed alot of basic combat gripes i had, but a good chunk of the characters are flat out broke (mainly SHiki and sasori, meanwhile temari’s awakening is pure shenanigans.) so the game constantly boils down to counter-pics. you can find a few of my match vids on youtube under whitey m1lk

i hope they fix the balencing issues for NHA2

Could it be fully played with just digipad + buttons? (neither of the analog sticks are needed?)

Here it is!


What’s the diagnosis?