Wii Arcade Stick - What are my options?

I’ve decided that playing Tatsunoko vs Capcom with a wavebird is not the way forward, and I want to get an Arcade Stick.

The way I see it I have 3 Basic Options:

  1. Buy a Stock Wii Arcade Stick and mod it with quality parts.
  2. Buy a custom built Wii Stick or make my own.
  3. Dual Mod my Arcade Pro Stick.

I would rather have a seperate stick on the wii, however if it was able to work on Xbox360/PS3 aswell as the Wii, it would be a bonus so I could play 2 player with non stick owning friends. So I think I’ve ruled out option 3) already depending on cost.

I have a few gamecube controllers I could gut the PCBs out of such as official controllers, wavebirds, hori joypad, a flightstick. However, I’m very new to modding so I don’t know if I’d be up anything too challenging.

On a related subject, I also could do with a Dreamcast stick, I just can’t play SFALPHA 3 with the dreamcast pad. Is there a PCB that would work with Dreamcast, Wii and Xbox 360? That way I could share a stick between Wii and Dreamcast and call it into action for 2 player on the 360.

solution: get a 360 stick, dual mod it with a MC cthulhu (adding PS3, GC/wii, psx, and whatever else compatability) play sfa3 emulated on mame/fba

I don’t have a gaming PC, I’m sure my PC could run emulators, but it’s not really in a comfortable place for gaming. I do want to build a MAME Arcade Cab sometime but that could be a long way off.

Is there any way I could insert a Dreamcast PCB in? I have a third party controller I wouldn’t mind gutting.

I suppose another option would be to buy a cheap PS2 and a copy of SFA Anthology.

You could probably mod your stick with Toodles’ PiiWee kit.

Combine PiiWii with arts case and You will have gold. I will be doing this just waiting on Art. Will post the beauty after that.

Can I dual Mod with PiiWii and Datel Arcade Pro PCBs? Could I triple mod with a dreamcast PCB as well? I’ve seen sticks on the forums here, with multiple cables that you just switch in and it works on a range of consoles, how easy is that to accomplish?

I did a paewang PCB/Piiwee custom, and the ‘complicated’ part is pinning out the cables correctly for the RJ45. The dreamcast would have to have its own cable out of the box (not RJ45) if i’m not mistaken.

My solution/alternative to dual modding: Make a PS1 stick (gray analog controller PCB, preferably) and buy the following converters for each console:
-MayFlash Joybox Cube Pro (PS1/PS2 -> GC): Buy Cube Joybox Pro (Gamecube?) - Play-Asia.com
-iNPin PS1/PS2 -> PS3 converter: iNPiN PS2 to PS3 Converter
-Joytron Xconverter 360 Plus (PS1/PS2 -> Xbox 360): Joytron Xconverter 360 Plus

Now you’re set to play TvC:UAS on the Wii and MvC3 on PS3 and Xbox 360!

Yes, you can use the two together, yes, you can use the three together, as long as the DC PCB is common ground, the paewang and PiiWee are arleady common ground for sure, but you’re going to need to have cords attached to all of the systems. You could pick any two and fit them into an RJ45 jack, but if you want all three, you’re going to need multiple ports or an RJ-45 port with a wire hanging out of the case. RJ-45 are those ethernet ports you’ve probably seen pretty often on the “Check out my new arcade stick” thread. People use them because it’s perfect for MC Cthulhu setups, or for custom set ups. Most common is the MCC, but you can make it however you want.

DC uses 5 of wires in the controller’s cable, so does Wii, and USB uses 4. However, all of these will be sharing VCC and GND. So, start with the VCC/GND, that’s two wires, then add on DC/Wii, and then you have 3 I/O (Input/output) wires for each, altogether, 8 wires. RJ45 can only support 8 wires, so this is why you’ll need another jack. What you could do is make the Wii/DC portion in RJ45, and then plug the paewang into an NAUSB port. However, if you’re fine with many cords hanging out, you needn’t worry about the RJ45/NAUSB.

If you want all these systems, you have options:

As stated above, buy or make a PS1 stick and go for converters. You’ll need a wired 360 controller as a passthrough to the microsoft security chip if you want 360 support. Wireless with plug-n-play charger does NOT work.

Build a project box stick. This is a stick built without a PCB inside of it, simply wired internally, but all of the wires go to a DB-25 connector. Then you place PCBs inside of project boxes (Or whatever box have you), and wire these up inside the project box. You’ll probably have to look up a thread about them to get more detail on it. I could explain more, but I’m trying to keep it abrupt. The big plus with the project box stick is that you can constantly make more project boxes, so that you can essentially make your stick for ANY system, as long as you get a controller PCB. And you can make more boxes for systems that have yet to be released without opening up your stick at all.

Get MC Cthulhu/dual mod with 360 pad. There’s guides on how to make this sort of stick. Usually uses RJ-45. This is in some guides, too. Then get a PS2>DC converter. Of course, you only get Wii via Gamecube support. So, if a game doesn’t support a GC controller, you’re out of luck…

Or you can do that complicated thing up above. Really, aside from the converter route, yes, what you say is possible, but if you don’t have much technical experience, it makes it harder to do.

You can do USB + PiiWee (OR DC, but not all three in one jack). Just combine GND and VCC. So, my pinout for it would be like…

G D+ D? X 1 2 3 V
Where X is empty, and 1, 2 and 3 are the 3 I/O wires of the DC OR Wii boards, as they both use five wires, 1 for ground, one for VCC (Which are also in USB, and since we have to link together the GND and VCC lines between common ground PCBs when dual modding them, thus, they can be shared in the RJ45 jack, because they are, essentially the same wire).

your alternative to doing a triple mod and having one port is to use a db-25 or db 15 depending on how many wires you need out going. Every cord from each system if you pin out correctly can only use some of the db-25 pins.

I was thinking of doing this for a quintiple mod system myself.

MC Cthulhu, Genesis, Dreamcast and PiiWii.

Well a lot of that went straight over my head, but at least I know its possible now. I like the idea of the project box option, but with a twist. I’d like the project box to be housed inside the body of the arcade stick, like inserting a cartridge into a slot. I think I’m probably being a little ambitious though.

Realistically I think I would have to mod an existing stick, such as the Datel, and go with the additional RJ45 port for gamecube/dreamcast. I think this would be the limit of my expertise. Which stick I used and which would have the primary cable is up for debate. In fact the more I think about it, the more I’d like a primary Wii cable, and an RJ45 port for dreamcast/x360.

I’m not sure I’ll ever get round to building this. I think it would be too expensive for the amount of use it would get. I want the Wii/DC stick for just one game on each platform, so it does seem rather wasteful.

Right… change of plan! If I got a PSX stick/PCB and converters, would my Paewang work as a “passthrough”? I would only ever use it on X360 when my Paewang was plugged in anyway and that seems like the easiest solution. I’m gonna search on ebay now for a cheap PSX arcade stick. Would a dualshock work for a PCB because I have a spare one knocking about? I also have a wrestle stick 360 I could gut for a case, which would mean I only need to buy joystick, buttons and converters, plus I already have the converter for PS2 to Gamecube.

After my ebay search for converters, I understand how the “passthrough” works, I read it as it needed to be plugged into the xbox, not into the converter itself… so that could be more of a problem.

mc cthulhu + Total Control Plus (playasia.com) is your solution :slight_smile:

Does Mc Cthulhu work with Xbox 360?

No, but you can use the PlayStation playback to use a PS2 -> 360 converter if you don’t want to padhack a 360 PCB.

Could I dual Mod a Pad Hack PS2 PCB with a Paewang? How difficult would it be? I already have a PS2 to gamecube converter, and I can get a PS2 to Dreamcast converter.

No you cannot.
You have to use a PlayStation PCB.
A PlayStation 2 PCB is not Common Ground.

Right I better check if my dual shock is PSX or PS2, I’m not entirely sure.